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Welcome to the CryptoDerivatives.Market TokenTrader wiki!

The TokenTrader and TokenSeller decentralised trustless exchange contract allows:

  • Market Makers to list an Ethereum smart contract to buy and/or sell ERC20-compliant digital assets for ethers
  • Market Takers can execute an transaction against the Maker's contract to buy or sell the digital assets in exchange for in one atomic transaction.

These exchange contracts are decentralised as they execute on the winning miner's node, and then get executed on each node of the 5800+ computers running the Ethereum network.

These exchange contracts are trustless as they perform an atomic swap between the ERC20 token and ethers in a single atomic transaction. If the transaction fails, both transfers in the ERC20 token and ether are not executed. You don't have to trust any third parties with your tokens or ethers.

There are two types of these contracts:

  • TokenTrader - Market Maker can buy and/or sell digital assets for ethers.
  • TokenSeller - Market Maker can only sell digital asset for ethers.

There is also a soon-to-be-deprecated GNTTokenTrader & Factory contract deployed at 0xc4af56cd5254aef959d4bce2f75874007808b701. Market Makers should move their existing GNTTokenTrader contracts to the new TokenSeller contracts when convenient.

You can find a list of compatible ERC20-compliant digital assets in Supported ERC20 Tokens. ERC20-compliant tokens that are not in this list can be added to this exchange market by deploying TokenTrader contracts on the token and your new listing will automagically appear as a new market.

Latest Deployed Contracts - Feb 08 2017

The contracts on Mainnet supported by are:

Deployed the following to Testnet:

Bug Bounty

A 216 ETH Bug Bounty on the TokenTrader(Factory) and TokenSeller(Factory) contracts is currently active. Scrutinise the source code as this will help improve the smart contracts that hold many tokens and ethers.


See History for previous deployments.

Actions Outstanding

Enjoy. (c) JonnyLatte, Cintix & BokkyPooBah 2017. The MIT licence.

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