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Token Information

Token Contract Information

How To Watch The Token Contract In Ethereum Wallet / Mist

In Ethereum Wallet / Mist, select the CONTRACTS tab and click WATCH CONTRACT to open the Watch contract window. Then:

  • Under CONTRACT NAME, enter GNT

  • Under CONTRACT ADDRESS, enter 0xa74476443119a942de498590fe1f2454d7d4ac0d

  • Copy the Application Binary Interface below and paste it into the JSON INTERFACE text box


  • Click OK

How To Watch The Token In Ethereum Wallet / Mist

In Ethereum Wallet / Mist, select the CONTRACTS tab and click WATCH TOKEN to open the Add token window. Then:

  • Under TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS, enter 0xa74476443119a942de498590fe1f2454d7d4ac0d. The additional fields should automatically be filled in.

  • Click OK

How To Check Your Token Balance

How To Check Your Token Balance In Ethereum Wallet / Mist

Watch the GNT Contract and Watch the GNT Token as described above. View the GNT contract, click on SHOW CONTRACT INFO. In the READ FROM CONTRACT section:

Under Balance of, enter the address you want to check the token balance of. The token balance will be displayed with 18 decimal places. e.g., 806451612903225800000 is 806451612903225800000 / 1e18 = 806.4516129032258 GNTs:

How To Check Your Token Balance In

Navigate to, select the menu TOKEN -> View Tokens. Select GOLEM. Select the Read Contract tab. In the balanceOf field, enter the address you want to check the token balance of. Click Query:

A simpler way to check your GNT balance is to navigate to and enter your address into the search box, then press ENTER. Then click on the View Token Balances dropdown:

Script To Check Your Token And ETH Portfolio Balances

Download and run the getGNTBalances script in TokenTrader/scripts to produce the following type of output:

  #     Account                                                             GNT                        ETH
------- ------------------------------------------ ---------------------------- --------------------------
  0     0x4319c142f7b6cd722fc3a49289b8a22a7a51ca1e 180000000.000000000000000000       0.000000000000000000
  1     0x168ae36b4386cea14475faa41498a0ea63c67dd7 100000999.999999991611392000   11717.218877544008288507
  2     0xd39379d7887c6a9ebd01007e2b96efc774652047  57459993.000000000000000000  106160.984854218882216845
------- ------------------------------------------ ---------------------------- --------------------------
  3     Total                                      337460992.999999991611392000  117878.203731762890505352

Further instructions are available at the top of the getGNTBalances file.

How To Transfer Your Tokens In Ethereum Wallet / Mist

Watch the GNT Contract and Watch the GNT Token as described above. View the GNT contract, click on SHOW CONTRACT INFO. In the WRITE TO CONTRACT section:

  • Under Select function, select the Transfer function
  • Under to, enter the address you want to transfer your tokens to
  • Under value, enter the amount of tokens you want to transfer. This amount needs to be specified with 18 decimal places. e.g., 1230000000000000000 is 1230000000000000000 / 1e18 = 1.23 GNTs
  • Under Execute from, select the account you want to transfer your tokens from
  • Click on Execute, then confirm your transaction

If your transfers are failing:

  • Check that the amount of gas sent (in the field to the right of Provide Maximum Fee in the screenshot below) is sufficient to execute the transaction
  • Check that you have sufficient ethers in your account to pay for the gas cost
  • Check that the amount you are specifying is in the natural unit, e.g., 1230000000000000000 is 1230000000000000000 / 1e18 = 1.23 GNTs

The Token Contract Source Code

The verified source code can be found at 0xa74476443119a942de498590fe1f2454d7d4ac0d and follows:

pragma solidity ^0.4.4;

/// @title Golem Network Token (GNT) - crowdfunding code for Golem Project
contract GolemNetworkToken {
    string public constant name = "Golem Network Token";
    string public constant symbol = "GNT";
    uint8 public constant decimals = 18;  // 18 decimal places, the same as ETH.

    uint256 public constant tokenCreationRate = 1000;

    // The funding cap in weis.
    uint256 public constant tokenCreationCap = 820000 ether * tokenCreationRate;
    uint256 public constant tokenCreationMin = 150000 ether * tokenCreationRate;

    uint256 public fundingStartBlock;
    uint256 public fundingEndBlock;

    // The flag indicates if the GNT contract is in Funding state.
    bool public funding = true;

    // Receives ETH and its own GNT endowment.
    address public golemFactory;

    // Has control over token migration to next version of token.
    address public migrationMaster;

    GNTAllocation lockedAllocation;

    // The current total token supply.
    uint256 totalTokens;

    mapping (address => uint256) balances;

    address public migrationAgent;
    uint256 public totalMigrated;

    event Transfer(address indexed _from, address indexed _to, uint256 _value);
    event Migrate(address indexed _from, address indexed _to, uint256 _value);
    event Refund(address indexed _from, uint256 _value);

    function GolemNetworkToken(address _golemFactory,
                               address _migrationMaster,
                               uint256 _fundingStartBlock,
                               uint256 _fundingEndBlock) {

        if (_golemFactory == 0) throw;
        if (_migrationMaster == 0) throw;
        if (_fundingStartBlock <= block.number) throw;
        if (_fundingEndBlock   <= _fundingStartBlock) throw;

        lockedAllocation = new GNTAllocation(_golemFactory);
        migrationMaster = _migrationMaster;
        golemFactory = _golemFactory;
        fundingStartBlock = _fundingStartBlock;
        fundingEndBlock = _fundingEndBlock;

    /// @notice Transfer `_value` GNT tokens from sender's account
    /// `msg.sender` to provided account address `_to`.
    /// @notice This function is disabled during the funding.
    /// @dev Required state: Operational
    /// @param _to The address of the tokens recipient
    /// @param _value The amount of token to be transferred
    /// @return Whether the transfer was successful or not
    function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) returns (bool) {
        // Abort if not in Operational state.
        if (funding) throw;

        var senderBalance = balances[msg.sender];
        if (senderBalance >= _value && _value > 0) {
            senderBalance -= _value;
            balances[msg.sender] = senderBalance;
            balances[_to] += _value;
            Transfer(msg.sender, _to, _value);
            return true;
        return false;

    function totalSupply() external constant returns (uint256) {
        return totalTokens;

    function balanceOf(address _owner) external constant returns (uint256) {
        return balances[_owner];

    // Token migration support:

    /// @notice Migrate tokens to the new token contract.
    /// @dev Required state: Operational Migration
    /// @param _value The amount of token to be migrated
    function migrate(uint256 _value) external {
        // Abort if not in Operational Migration state.
        if (funding) throw;
        if (migrationAgent == 0) throw;

        // Validate input value.
        if (_value == 0) throw;
        if (_value > balances[msg.sender]) throw;

        balances[msg.sender] -= _value;
        totalTokens -= _value;
        totalMigrated += _value;
        MigrationAgent(migrationAgent).migrateFrom(msg.sender, _value);
        Migrate(msg.sender, migrationAgent, _value);

    /// @notice Set address of migration target contract and enable migration
	/// process.
    /// @dev Required state: Operational Normal
    /// @dev State transition: -> Operational Migration
    /// @param _agent The address of the MigrationAgent contract
    function setMigrationAgent(address _agent) external {
        // Abort if not in Operational Normal state.
        if (funding) throw;
        if (migrationAgent != 0) throw;
        if (msg.sender != migrationMaster) throw;
        migrationAgent = _agent;

    function setMigrationMaster(address _master) external {
        if (msg.sender != migrationMaster) throw;
        if (_master == 0) throw;
        migrationMaster = _master;

    // Crowdfunding:

    /// @notice Create tokens when funding is active.
    /// @dev Required state: Funding Active
    /// @dev State transition: -> Funding Success (only if cap reached)
    function create() payable external {
        // Abort if not in Funding Active state.
        // The checks are split (instead of using or operator) because it is
        // cheaper this way.
        if (!funding) throw;
        if (block.number < fundingStartBlock) throw;
        if (block.number > fundingEndBlock) throw;

        // Do not allow creating 0 or more than the cap tokens.
        if (msg.value == 0) throw;
        if (msg.value > (tokenCreationCap - totalTokens) / tokenCreationRate)

        var numTokens = msg.value * tokenCreationRate;
        totalTokens += numTokens;

        // Assign new tokens to the sender
        balances[msg.sender] += numTokens;

        // Log token creation event
        Transfer(0, msg.sender, numTokens);

    /// @notice Finalize crowdfunding
    /// @dev If cap was reached or crowdfunding has ended then:
    /// create GNT for the Golem Factory and developer,
    /// transfer ETH to the Golem Factory address.
    /// @dev Required state: Funding Success
    /// @dev State transition: -> Operational Normal
    function finalize() external {
        // Abort if not in Funding Success state.
        if (!funding) throw;
        if ((block.number <= fundingEndBlock ||
             totalTokens < tokenCreationMin) &&
            totalTokens < tokenCreationCap) throw;

        // Switch to Operational state. This is the only place this can happen.
        funding = false;

        // Create additional GNT for the Golem Factory and developers as
        // the 18% of total number of tokens.
        // All additional tokens are transfered to the account controller by
        // GNTAllocation contract which will not allow using them for 6 months.
        uint256 percentOfTotal = 18;
        uint256 additionalTokens =
            totalTokens * percentOfTotal / (100 - percentOfTotal);
        totalTokens += additionalTokens;
        balances[lockedAllocation] += additionalTokens;
        Transfer(0, lockedAllocation, additionalTokens);

        // Transfer ETH to the Golem Factory address.
        if (!golemFactory.send(this.balance)) throw;

    /// @notice Get back the ether sent during the funding in case the funding
    /// has not reached the minimum level.
    /// @dev Required state: Funding Failure
    function refund() external {
        // Abort if not in Funding Failure state.
        if (!funding) throw;
        if (block.number <= fundingEndBlock) throw;
        if (totalTokens >= tokenCreationMin) throw;

        var gntValue = balances[msg.sender];
        if (gntValue == 0) throw;
        balances[msg.sender] = 0;
        totalTokens -= gntValue;

        var ethValue = gntValue / tokenCreationRate;
        Refund(msg.sender, ethValue);
        if (!msg.sender.send(ethValue)) throw;

/// @title Migration Agent interface
contract MigrationAgent {
    function migrateFrom(address _from, uint256 _value);

/// @title GNT Allocation - Time-locked vault of tokens allocated
/// to developers and Golem Factory
contract GNTAllocation {
    // Total number of allocations to distribute additional tokens among
    // developers and the Golem Factory. The Golem Factory has right to 20000
    // allocations, developers to 10000 allocations, divides among individual
    // developers by numbers specified in  `allocations` table.
    uint256 constant totalAllocations = 30000;

    // Addresses of developer and the Golem Factory to allocations mapping.
    mapping (address => uint256) allocations;

    GolemNetworkToken gnt;
    uint256 unlockedAt;

    uint256 tokensCreated = 0;

    function GNTAllocation(address _golemFactory) internal {
        gnt = GolemNetworkToken(msg.sender);
        unlockedAt = now + 6 * 30 days;

        // For the Golem Factory:
        allocations[_golemFactory] = 20000; // 12/18 pp of 30000 allocations.

        // For developers:
        allocations[0x9d3F257827B17161a098d380822fa2614FF540c8] = 2500; // 25.0% of developers' allocations (10000).
        allocations[0xd7406E50b73972Fa4aa533a881af68B623Ba3F66] =  730; //  7.3% of developers' allocations.
        allocations[0xd15356D05A7990dE7eC94304B0fD538e550c09C0] =  730;
        allocations[0x3971D17B62b825b151760E2451F818BfB64489A7] =  730;
        allocations[0x95e337d09f1bc67681b1cab7ed1125ea2bae5ca8] =  730;
        allocations[0x0025C58dB686b8CEce05CB8c50C1858b63Aa396E] =  730;
        allocations[0xB127FC62dE6ca30aAc9D551591daEDdeBB2eFD7A] =  630; //  6.3% of developers' allocations.
        allocations[0x21AF2E2c240a71E9fB84e90d71c2B2AddE0D0e81] =  630;
        allocations[0x682AA1C3b3E102ACB9c97B861d595F9fbfF0f1B8] =  630;
        allocations[0x6edd429c77803606cBd6Bb501CC701a6CAD6be01] =  630;
        allocations[0x5E455624372FE11b39464e93d41D1F6578c3D9f6] =  310; //  3.1% of developers' allocations.
        allocations[0xB7c7EaD515Ca275d53e30B39D8EBEdb3F19dA244] =  138; //  1.38% of developers' allocations.
        allocations[0xD513b1c3fe31F3Fe0b1E42aa8F55e903F19f1730] =  135; //  1.35% of developers' allocations.
        allocations[0x70cac7f8E404EEFce6526823452e428b5Ab09b00] =  100; //  1.0% of developers' allocations.
        allocations[0xe0d5861e7be0fac6c85ecde6e8bf76b046a96149] =  100;
        allocations[0x17488694D2feE4377Ec718836bb9d4910E81D9Cf] =  100;
        allocations[0xb481372086dEc3ca2FCCD3EB2f462c9C893Ef3C5] =  100;
        allocations[0xFB6D91E69CD7990651f26a3aa9f8d5a89159fC92] =   70; //  0.7% of developers' allocations.
        allocations[0xE2ABdAe2980a1447F445cb962f9c0bef1B63EE13] =   70;
        allocations[0x729A5c0232712caAf365fDd03c39cb361Bd41b1C] =   70;
        allocations[0x12FBD8fef4903f62e30dD79AC7F439F573E02697] =   70;
        allocations[0x657013005e5cFAF76f75d03b465cE085d402469A] =   42; //  0.42% of developers' allocations.
        allocations[0xD0AF9f75EA618163944585bF56aCA98204d0AB66] =   25; //  0.25% of developers' allocations.

    /// @notice Allow developer to unlock allocated tokens by transferring them
    /// from GNTAllocation to developer's address.
    function unlock() external {
        if (now < unlockedAt) throw;

        // During first unlock attempt fetch total number of locked tokens.
        if (tokensCreated == 0)
            tokensCreated = gnt.balanceOf(this);

        var allocation = allocations[msg.sender];
        allocations[msg.sender] = 0;
        var toTransfer = tokensCreated * allocation / totalAllocations;

        // Will fail if allocation (and therefore toTransfer) is 0.
        if (!gnt.transfer(msg.sender, toTransfer)) throw;
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