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Arduino / Teensy Multicopter

This is my WIP custom arduino quadcopter firmware.



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  • Teensy 3.2
  • Chinese GY-87 breakout board (MPU6050 gyro/acc, MHC5883L magnetometer, BMP180 barometer)
  • HobbyKing HK-T6A transmitter/receiver
  • 3DR telemetry
  • HobbyKing Spec FPV250 V2 Quad Copter ARF Combo Kit
  • 12A Afro ESCs with SimonK firmware (supporting oneshot125)


The Makefiles (located in the build_scripts directory) are based on the awesome Arduino-Makefile project. They are modified for use with Teensy 3.2, Teensyduino 1.28 and Arduino 1.6.8.

  • make - build project
  • make burn - builds project, sends reboot signal to the Teensy to put it into the bootloader mode, and then uses teensy_loader_cli to upload to the Teensy on the command line without any GUI applications.
  • make monitor - open connection to Teensy serial port
  • make clean - remove compiled files in build directories


The UI is an Atom application using ReactJS and node-serialport.