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@@ -21,6 +21,25 @@ consistency and thread safety. Bolt is currently used in high-load production
environments serving databases as large as 1TB. Many companies such as
Shopify and Heroku use Bolt-backed services every day.
## A message from the author
> The original goal of Bolt was to provide a simple pure Go key/value store and to
> not bloat the code with extraneous features. To that end, the project has been
> a success. However, this limited scope also means that the project is complete.
> Maintaining an open source database requires an immense amount of time and energy.
> Changes to the code can have unintended and sometimes catastrophic effects so
> even simple changes require hours and hours of careful testing and validation.
> Unfortunately I no longer have the time or energy to continue this work. Bolt is
> in a stable state and has years of successful production use. As such, I feel that
> leaving it in its current state is the most prudent course of action.
> If you are interested in using a more featureful version of Bolt, I suggest that
> you look at the CoreOS fork called [bbolt](
- Ben Johnson ([@benbjohnson](

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benbjohnson Sep 8, 2017



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evanphx Sep 8, 2017

Thank you for all the great work Ben. BoltDB has been invaluable for some many folks.

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snormore Sep 8, 2017


🔩 🤘 ⚡️

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## Table of Contents
- [Getting Started](#getting-started)

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rgeronimi replied Sep 8, 2017

Thanks a lot Ben for this incredible piece of work! It changed the day


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abrander replied Sep 9, 2017

In all journeys, the most difficult - and the most important - decision is when to stop. Thanks for your work on boltdb. Godspeed.

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