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Mastering Social Media Mining with Python

Code repository for Mastering Social Media Mining with Python (July 2016)

Book cover

Ebook and paperback at Packt Publishing (the publisher)

Ebook and paperback at and Amazon UK

Author's blog post for a bird's eye view on the book

Author profile (with book reviews/ratings) at

If you've read the book, please consider leaving a review/rating on the above web sites. If you wrote a review (e.g. blog post), please let me know and I'll be happy to include it here.

Discussion Forum for readers on Google Groups: this is a platform for readers to discuss the content of the book.

Setting up the environment

Requirements: Python 3.4+

It's strongly recommended to create a virtual environment, either with virtualenv or with conda. This section describes how to set-up the environment with virtualenv.

Get the book repo:

git clone
cd Book-SocialMediaMiningPython

Install/upgrade virtualenv (not needed on Python 3.4+):

pip install -U virtualenv

Create the environment:

virtualenv book_env

Activate the environment:

source book_env/bin/activate

Install all the Python dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt


Known Errors and Corrections

List of known errors and corrections

If you find an error that is not listed here, please consider opening a GitHub issue with a short description of the problem.


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