Changes from pre28 to rc1

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  • Environment
    • Renamed :src-paths:source-paths
    • Renamed :rsc-paths:resource-paths
    • Renamed :tgt-path:target-path
    • Added :asset-paths
  • Task Options DSL
    • Renamed any type to edn
  • Task Options
    • The task-options! macro now takes maps of options, not vectors
  • Pods API
    • Renamed eval-inwith-eval-in
    • Renamed call-inwith-call-in
    • Both with-eval-in and with-call-in now take templates as their body expressions (see brandonbloom/backtick)
    • The pod-pool function takes different arguments
  • Tasks
    • Task handlers now take a fileset object as argument
    • The with-pre-wrap macro binds the fileset and expects the body to evaluate to a fileset
    • The with-post-wrap macro binds the fileset and evaluates the body only for side effects