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Embedded Linux and kernel engineering

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  1. elixir elixir Public

    The Elixir Cross Referencer

    C 856 134

  2. training-materials training-materials Public

    Bootlin embedded Linux and kernel training materials

    TeX 520 161

  3. snagboot snagboot Public

    Generic recovery and reflashing tool for embedded platforms

    Python 181 23

  4. toolchains-builder toolchains-builder Public

    Shell 83 27

  5. libva-v4l2-request libva-v4l2-request Public

    LibVA implementation for the Linux Video4Linux2 Request API

    C 68 50

  6. linux-cedrus linux-cedrus Public

    Mainline Kernel repository for the Allwinner VPU reverse engineering effort

    C 55 17


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