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A reset plugin to make WordPress tight.

What does this mu-plugin do?


  • File editing
  • Wp version in meta
  • RSS meta
  • Admin bar
  • Wp Emojis

Login page

  • Wp logo links to start page
  • Wp logo alt text
  • Login error message is more secure

This plugin does no longer disable jQuery

To disable jQuery on the frontend, please install: bs-wp-no-jquery
We wanted to separate the disabling of jQuery to it's own plugin, cause sometimes a third party plugin has it as a dependency. In that case, you can still use this plugin and if you don't need jQuery, you can install B&S Wp No jQuery!



composer require borgenfalkskott/bs-wp-reset


Simply add it to app/mu-plugins/ to have Bedrock autoload it.

Vanilla WordPress

If you are not using Bedrock, simply add an autoloader file in wp-content/mu-plugins/ like this, to have WordPress run this plugin:

// autoloader.php:

   * WordPress Mu Plugin Autoloader
  require_once __DIR__ . '/bs-wp-reset/bs-wp-reset.php';

What is a mu-plugin?

Nowadays it stands for "must use plugin", meaning that it is activated automatically by just adding it to the /wp-content/mu-plugins folder.

Single file mu-plugins that sits directly inside the mu-plugins folder, are loaded automatically by WordPress.

For mu-plugins that live inside a subfolder, they need to be autoloaded like the example above or by using something like Bedrock.

Read more about mu-plugins here.

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