a simple jquery plugin that gives Wordpress developers a simple and non destructive way to tie their custom meta_boxes
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This is a simple jQuery plugin designed to give developers using wordpress a simple and non destructive way to utilize the wordpress file manage/upload interface.

Example Use:

the following example simply attaches the functionality available in the wp_editor to any element when it's clicked. The anonymous function passed into the plugin will be called upon selection of a file. By default it will look for an input field with a name equal to the rel attribute of the button.


<input type="text" name="images[0]" value="" />
<button class="wpfile" rel="images[0]"> Choose File </button>

Important Note:

Were you using a proper CMS to build whatever you're building you wouldn't even need this. Use PyroCMS if you're sick of googling solutions for this kind of dumb crap. 
Visit http://pyrocms.com to feast your eyes on a proper CMS.

Other Info:

Author: Gary Hussey AKA Boss Ninja
License: MIT and GPL and DBAD.