Run your tests with a single keystroke! Tighten your TDD feedback loop!
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Run your tests with a single keystroke! Tighten your TDD feedback loop!

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If you don't have a preferred installation method, I recommend installing pathogen.vim, and then simply copy and paste:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://


  • Hit enter in any test file to save and run it.
  • Hit enter in any other file to save it and rerun the last test.

Built-in test type support:

  • vspec via vim-flavor: files that end with _spec.vim
  • rspec: files that end with _spec.rb
  • cucumber: files that end with .feature (runs scenario under the cursor only)
  • mocha: files that end with _test.js or

Adding or overriding test runner configuration:

Test runner configurations are added to the g:TestKey.runners dictionary. Each test runner configuration is a dictionary with two keys: match and run. match is a regex for detecting the test type from the filename. run is a function that returns a string to execute the test runner itself. This function is provided two arguments: a:file and a:line, which are the current file name and the current line number, respectively.

To add your own test runner, (or override an existing), just modify the g:TestKey.runners dictionary in your .vimrc. For example, here is a test runner configuration for Cucumber:

let g:TestKey = { 'runners': {} }

let g:TestKey.runners.cucumber = { 'match': '.feature$' }
function, line)
  return ':!clear && cucumber '.a:file.':'.a:line

Configuring the test key mapping

By default, <ENTER> is the test key. To use a different key, open up your .vimrc, and prefill the g:TestKey configuration dictionary with testkey set to your preferred test key. For example:

let g:TestKey = { 'testkey': '<leader>s' }

Or, if you have already initialized the g:TestKey dictionary earlier, perhaps to add a test runner:

let g:TestKey.testkey = '<leader>s'


  • Maureen Dugan: for pointing out the inadequacies of my previous setup.
  • Gary Bernhardt: for the idea to use Enter as the test key.