Flexible static sites generator suitable even for big and complex sites with dynamically generated pages such as pages for each tag etc (not on the fly obviously as it just produces HTML).
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Ace is a static page generator like Nanoc, Jekyll or Webby. How is it different? Well, it’s better :) ! I really like Nanoc and I used it for quite a while, but it’s not flexible enough. If you need to generate a lot of pages on the fly, it’s a hassle. It provides helpers, but helpers are – let’s face it – programming style we used to use years back when we yet believed that PHP is actually a really nice language.

Also, last but not least, Ace has a real template inheritance. Layouts are for kids, real men use template inheritance! What’s the advantage? It’s incredibly flexible.

Check Ace: Static Sites Generator for more information or you can take a look at sources of my blog to have something to play with!


If you want to use ace-gen:

gem install ace --development

Without ace-gen:

gem install ace