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The Nuxt.js static site that powers via Cloudflare Pages.

Access the site at


  1. Run make bootstrap to clone BotBlock's open data and best practices repositories.
  2. Develop with the site by running npm run dev.
  3. Lint the codebase by running npm run lint (auto-fix with npm run lint:fix).
  4. Build the site statically by running npm run build.


A single Cloudflare Pages environment is configured for this repository. Automatic deployments in Cloudflare are disabled, and instead, branch webhooks are triggered in Cloudflare Pages from GitHub Actions workflows for the production and staging branches.

Cloudflare Pages is set to run make bootstrap && npm run build when a branch webhook is triggered.

All deployments are seen as preview deployments by Cloudflare, and are tagged based on the branch they were deployed from. Each branch is accessible as a subdomain of the base Cloudflare Pages environment.

CNAME records have been configured for and