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The single source for all Discord bot lists. Simplify sending your bot's guild count with the BotBlock API.


This is the GitHub Organisation of, a site that lists all known bot lists.
The Organisation contains various open source projects, including the code for the BotBlock Website itself! We're always happy about contributions, so feel free to submit PRs to help us improve.


A list of our actively maintained Projects. This does not include the different libraries for the BotBlock API. See Libraries below for a list.


GitHub Repository containing the source for the website


GitHub Repository containing the source for the API


GitHub Repository containing open data used by the website and API

Repository used for


Inspired by Discord Bot Best Practices.
A list of things a bot list can or should (not) do to be considered a good bot list.


This is a list of all libraries available in this org that are made to allow easy usage of the BotBlock API.
Please note that not all libraries are maintained by the BotBlock Team and may have a different maintainer you need to contact in case of questions.

Language Latest Release Maintainer
BLAPI typescript javascript blapi-release blapi-maintainer
BotList javascript botlist-release botlist-maintainer
BotListAPI c-sharp botlistapi-release botlistapi-maintainer python discordlists-release discordlists-maintainer
JavaBotBlockAPI java jbba-release jbba-maintainer


  1. data Public

    Open data for, consumed for the API worker & website.

    JavaScript 7 10

  2. The Cloudflare Worker that powers the API routes.

    JavaScript 8

  3. The Nuxt.js static site that powers via Cloudflare Pages.

    Vue 9

  4. The home of library docs

    HTML 6 1

  5. Bot lists must meet these minimum requirements to be considered a bot list.

    9 4

  6. BLAPI Public

    A package to handle posting your discord bot stats to all botlists [Typescript (and JavaScript) - maintained by @T0TProduction]

    TypeScript 25 12


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