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Botmaster Session Ware

A configurable botmaster ware to provide session data to downstream middleware. Works with Botmaster ^3.0.7.

Quick Start

npm install botmaster-session-ware -S
const Botmaster = require('botmaster');
const SessionWare = require('botmaster-session-ware');

  type: 'incoming',
  name: 'some controller',
  controller: (bot, update) => {
    // this will be {} on the first call from a certain user
    // and will contain the last message upon all the next iterations

    update.session.lastMessage = update.message;
// place after declaring all your other middleware
const sessionWare = SessionWare();
botmaster.useWrapped(sessionWare.incoming, sessionWare.outgoing);

Using a different adapter

Adapters should be provided in their own package. Their api must follow the MemoryStore example.



Create an object providing incoming and outgoing middleware that manages a session object for you. By using this middleware, your other middleware will have access to a persisted update.session object.


  • options [Object] options object for generated sessionWare
    • options.adapter [Object] an object implementing the adapter api. defaults to in MemoryStore.
    • options.sessionPath [String] dot denoted path to where to store the context in the update. defaults to 'session'

Returns Object an object that contains two functions 'incoming' and 'outgoing'. They should be used with the useWrapped method of botmaster


The most basic adapter ever for SessionWare. This is the default store that is used when instantiating a SessionWare object without any params. It provides the standard required API for stores. I.e. a getter and a setter method. Called get and set that both return promises where get resolves with the session value and set sets the session value


Get or create a session with the id.


  • id String a unique id for the session

Returns Promise evaluates to an object that is the session


Update a session in the storage.


  • id String a unique id for the session
  • value Object the new value for the session

Returns Promise resolves when the session has been saved