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I was trying to use this library to upload a qualification test to the server and discovered that there was no AnswerKey class created. I did that and have updated the relevant MTurk connection code.

I'm also interested in continuing to work on the mturk functionality of this package.
I've updated the string formatting to use the more modern .format() method.
I also made some stuff a bit more pythonic and explicit.

@toastdriven toastdriven commented on an outdated diff Mar 13, 2014
items.insert(1, SimpleField('DisplayName', self.display_name))
items = ''.join(item.get_as_xml() for item in items)
- return self.template % vars()
+ return self.template.format(items)
toastdriven added a line comment Mar 13, 2014

Unfortunately, .format(...) was added in Python 2.6 & there's no compatibility in Python 2.5 for it. We try not to break Python 2.5 in Boto.

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All the calls to .format(...) would need reverting. Additionally, it looks to me like this change would need unit tests added, though I might be wrong on that. As for the actual functionality, @disruptek, would you mind weighing in? Beyond that, looks good.


Not sure who you're looking for, but pretty sure it's not me. I'm the MWS/FPS guy. ;-)


I've reverted the formatting commands and will have a look at unit tests in the next couple of days.


Gah, sorry for the noise @disruptek.


@Copper-Head Did you ever get the unit tests for mturk working? It appears to me that someone changed the file to disable executing the and basically broke the test setup in general. If I revert their change they run fine for me. Kind of rediculous to require tests for a test suite that basically can't work as is....

Edit: looking further the test suite doesn't seem to be running in travis either so why would you want to write a test that nobody will ever use and basically isn't even checked anyway.


Hi folks.

My apologies for the delay in response. Things came up at work. I looked through the unit tests and was unable to locate anything that I thought looked related to mturk. There is, however, an "mturk" directory containing a bunch of tests. However, I'm not sure how exactly this addition would be tested (would we have a look at the output html file to make sure it's sane?). This may be because I don't have any experience with unit testing, but what is our end game here?


One other question. Your contributor documentation says boto supports Python 2.6 and up. Moreover, Python 2.5 isn't even in the official documentation any more. Are we sure we want to keep the % formatting syntax instead of format()?

the boto project member

We are dropping support for Python 2.5, however I suggest we keep the % syntax for consistency with the rest of the codebase for now.

As for the unit tests, we'd need some way to confirm that this code works as expected. I believe the tests/mturk directory can be modified to include a test with your new class. Unfortunately these tests are not run often, so I'm not sure of the state of them. If we can get a test added and get confirmation that it works against the service then I'll merge it in.

Also, it looks like you added a bunch of .ropeproject files into this pull request by mistake.

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