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Benchmark datasets for keyphrase extraction

This repository contains a large, curated set of benchmark datasets for evaluating automatic keyphrase extraction algorithms. These datasets are all pre-processed using the Stanford CoreNLP suite and are available in XML format.

Dataset format

All datasets are stored according to the following, common structure:

       /test/       <- test documents
       /train/      <- training documents (if available)
       /dev/        <- validation documents (if available)
       /src/        <- everything used to build the dataset
       /references/ <- reference keyphrases in json format

Bigger datasets (such as KP20k, KPTimes) should be downloaded and preprocessed using the dataset/src directory.

Reference (gold annotation) format

Reference keyphrases, used for evaluating automatic keyphrase extraction algorithms, are available in json format and named according to the following rules: [split].[annotator].[stem]?.json


  • split corresponds to the dataset split: test, train, dev or valid
  • annotator is the type of annotation: author, reader, editor, combined, contr (controlled vocabulary), uncontr (free annotation)
  • stem (optional) indicates that stemming (using nltk Porter algorithm) is applied on reference keyphrases.

Below is a an example of reference file format:

    "doc-1": [
            "target detect"
            "number of sensor",
            "sensor number"

Available datasets

dataset lang nature train dev test Annotation #kp (test) #words (test)
CSTR [1] en Full papers 130 - 500 A 5.4 11501.4
NUS [3] en Full papers - - 211 A+R 11.0 8398.3
PubMed [5] en Full papers - - 1320 A 5.4 5322.9
ACM [6] en Full papers - - 2304 A 5.3 9197.6
Citeulike-180 [13] en Full papers - - 182 R 5.4 8589.7
SemEval-2010 [10] en Full papers 144 - 100 A+R 14.7 7961.2
KP20k [15] en Abstracts 527,090 20,000 20,000 A 176 5.3
Inspec [2] en Abstracts 1000 500 500 I (uncontr) 9.8 134.6
TALN-Archives [14] en/fr Abstracts - - 521/1207 A 4.0/4.1 123.1/141.0
KDD [9] en Abstracts - - 755 A 4.1 190.7
WWW [9] en Abstracts - - 1330 A 4.8 163.5
TermITH-Eval [11] fr Abstracts - - 400 I 11.8 164.7
KPTimes [16] en News 259,923 10,000 20,000 E 5.0 921
DUC-2001 [4] en News - - 308 R 8.1 847.2
500N-KPCrowd [7] en News 450 - 50 R 46.2 465.3
110-PT-BN-KP [12] pt News 100 - 10 R 27.6 439.4
Wikinews-Keyphrase [8] fr News - - 100 R 9.7 313.6

Annotation for gold keyphrases are performed by authors (A), readers (R), editors (E) or professional indexers (I).


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