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DEPRECATED - Unsupported

New boundary meter cookbook is here

The bprobe Cookbook

This cookbook has two functions, the first is to install the Boundary bprobe daemon on your machine. The second is to interface with the Boundary API providing bprobe with certificates, adding the meter to your account and adding the meter to a group. The latter is provided by two LWRP's bprobe and bprobe_certificates. Examples of their usage can be found in the default recipe. This recipe can be used as is to install bprobe and configure it using the Boundary API. To get things running adjust the attributes in api.rb to match your Boundary account, upload the cookbooks in this repo and apply bprobe::default to a system.


Dependencies and their requisite versions, when necessary, are specified in metadata.rb.

Configuration Options

API Keys

Setup your API keys in attributes/api.rb

default[:boundary][:api][:hostname] = ""
default[:boundary][:api][:org_id] = "dlekd93DGJDJw9diekd98"
default[:boundary][:api][:key] = "PI1ldnfKENFMslekd29dl"
Host Tags

The easiest way to set host tags is to use override_attributes in your server roles

name "db-server"
description "Installs Boundary bprobe and sets some meter tags"
recipes "mysql","bprobe::default"

  :boundary => {
    :bprobe => {
      :tags => [ "linux", "ubuntu", "database-server" ]

##### Interfaces

By default, bprobe listens on all interfaces. However, you can manually specify the interfaces you wish to monitor.

  :boundary       => {
    :bprobe       => {
      :interfaces => [ "eth0", "eth2" ]

By default Boundary will use node[:fqdn] as the hostname. You can override this by setting a [:boundary][:hostname] attribute with a higher precedence then default.


This cookbook includes automatic detection and tagging of your meter with various EC2 attributes such as security group and instance type.


If you are using OpsWorks this cookbook should work out of the box (with the above dependencies). This cookbook also includes automatic detection and tagging of your meter with layers, stack name and applications if any exist.