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A helper to test battle code bots (


npm install -g archon

Check for Dependancies

ant -version
java -version

How it works

First do:

> cd path/to/battlecode
> archon -h # shows the help and usage

Run Matches

archon match [teams] [maps] [options]

Single matches

Plays the two bots against each other on the specified maps

> archon src/botA src/botB maps/map1
 map1 [botA/botB] botB 1000
 botA 0  1 0
 botB 1  0 100

on map1 botB won in 1000 - 1499 rounds

> archon src/botA src/botB maps/map1 maps/map2 ... maps/mapN

 map1 [botA/botB] botA 500
 map2 [botA/botB] botB 1000
 mapN [botA/botB] botA 1500
 botA 5 5 50
 botB 5 5 50

Round Robin

Plays all bots against each other on every map

> archon src/botA src/botB src/botC maps/map1 maps/map2

 map1 [botA/botB] botA 1000
 map1 [botA/botC] botC 500
 map1 [botB/botC] botB 1500
 map2 [botA/botB] botA 1500
 map2 [botA/botC] botC 1000
 map2 [botB/botC] botC 2500
 botA 2 2 50
 botB 1 3 25
 botC 3 1 75

VS World

Plays the host bot against all the others on all the maps

> archon --host botA src/botB src/botC maps/map1 maps/map2

 map1 [botA/botB] botA 500
 map1 [botA/botC] botC 1000
 map2 [botA/botB] botA 1000
 map2 [botA/botC] botC 2000
 botA map1 1 1 50
 botA map2 1 1 50


  -e, --export-csv  Exports game data to csv
  -h, --help        Prints usage
  -l, --elo         Calculates the elo for the run
  -m, --all-maps    Runs all teams specified on all maps in maps/
  -o, --host        Specify a host for the tournament for VsWorld
  -r, --replay-dir  Specify the directory to save the replays in    [default: "replays"]
  -s, --series      Players play the maps in series instead 1 by 1
  -t, --all-teams   Runs all teams in src/ on the specified maps
  -x, --mirror      Runs 2x the matches with teams as both A and B

Watch the matches

archon watch [replays]

You can then watch all your saved games

> archon watch replays/match.rms

Opens match.rms in the visualizer for you to watch

> archon watch replays

Opens all matches in the 'replays' folder for you to watch (close the window to start the next)

> archon watch replays replays1/match.rms replays2

Opens all the matches in replays and replays2 and match.rms for you to watch


archon clean

Cleans archon config files.

Spawn (Beta)

Currently only works in OSX

archon spawn [local branches/tags] [-a/-b/-g]

Spawns new teams in the teams folder from the given branches or tags


  -a, --local-branches   Spawns teams from all local branches
  -b, --remote-branches  Spawns teams from all remote branches
  -g, --tags             Spawns teams from all git tags

Kill (Beta)

Doesn't work on windows

archon kill

Kills all spawned players

Feature Requests

  1. Output to CSV and/or Google Big Query
  2. Single elimination tournament
  3. Double elimination tournament
  4. Multiple games running at one time (not possible)


A helper to test battle code bots







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