The official BoxCast SDK for integrating with the BoxCast API on Roku.
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The BoxCast SDK for Roku video playback allows you to develop your own Roku applications to watch content from your BoxCast account.

The SDK provides a set of BrightScript utilities for querying data from your account and a set of SceneGraph components for building your UI.


git clone

Copy the source and components directories into your Roku project (or include as a git subtree/submodule).


Edit the source/BoxCastConfig.brs to match your settings

this = {
    accountId: ' TODO: fill in from dashboard '
    channelId: ' TODO: fill in from dashboard '
    hostNameForAnalytics: ' TODO: unique identifier used for analytics '

The Main.brs and BoxCastScene components are enough to bootstrap an entire application. Ensure the SpringBoard and Video player are attached per the examples in order to provide viewer analytics back to your BoxCast account. Individual utlilites can be sprinkled throughout an existing application, e.g.:

cfg = BoxCastConfig()
api = BoxCastAPI()

List broadcasts, to be displayed in your scene.

broadcasts = api.GetBroadcastsForChannel(cfg.channelId)

Known Limitations

  • This SDK is for viewing and querying of broadcasts on accounts that do not protect their content with pay-per-view ticketing, host restrictions, geoblocking, passwords, or other authentication means. The BoxCast API will reject requests for such content, so you should be prepared to handle errors.


  • v2.0.0 (2018-03-13): Application skeleton is now based on SceneGraph framework
  • v1.0.0 (2017-05-12): Initial version