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Welcome to the Boxee+ Wiki page. Please feel free to contribute any information you think is necessary.

Boxee+ Features

New features

  • Adds the Music section back to the Home screen
  • Adds fan art for TV Shows and Movies
  • Overlays for 3D movies and Concerts
  • New (optional) subtitle search system
  • More view modes


  • Faster HD streaming
  • Better VPN performance (MTU tweak)
  • Faster UI
  • Access to a bunch of advanced settings



*Warning: This is not the last version.

  • Start by downloading the install package and unzipping it somewhere on your harddrive: Click here to download latest Boxee+

  • Format a USB stick (FAT32 or NTFS) or SD card and name it 'BOXEE' (be sure to use only capitals)

  • Copy the contents of the 'install' folder that you downloaded earlier to the USB stick or SD card

  • Plug the USB stick or SD card into your Boxee Box

  • Go into 'Settings'->'Network'->'Servers'

  • Enable 'Enable Windows file sharing'

  • Add ';sh /media/BOXEE/' to your 'Host Name'. After you're done it should look like 'boxeebox;sh /media/BOXEE/install/'

  • Navigate away from the 'Servers' screen. Your Boxee Box's logo will turn red and the install will begin

  • When the Boxee Box has restarted you need to go into 'Settings'->'Network'->'Servers' again to activate the install. After that the install will just work after every restart.

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