Indigo Plugin for 'Big Ass Solutions' Haiku Fans with SenseME
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Indigo Plugin for Big Ass Solutions residential line of Haiku ceiling fans with SenseME Technology.

If you have a Haiku fan with the optional SenseME add-on then this plug-in will allow you to interact with the fan from Indigo, both by directly adjusting settings and by reacting to triggers. The following is a partial list of features:


  • Fan (On/Off)
  • Light (On/Off)
  • Fan Speed
  • Light Brightness
  • Smart Mode (Cooling/Heating/Off)
  • Whoosh Mode (On/Off)
  • Sleep Mode (On/Off)
  • Beep (On/Off)
  • Indicators (On/Off)
  • Cooling Temperature Changed
  • Sleep Temperature Changed
  • Direction (Forward/Reverse)


  • Turn Fan On/Off
  • Turn Light On/Off
  • Adjust Fan Speed
  • Adjust Light Brightness
  • Turn Fan motion sensor On/Off
  • Turn Light motion sensor On/Off
  • Enable Smart Mode
  • Turn Whoosh Mode On/Off
  • Set Fan Direction Forward/Reverse
  • Set Fan Indicators On/Off
  • Set Fan Beep On/Off
  • Set Sleep Mode On/Off
  • Adjust Sleep Temperature
  • Adjust Smart Cooling Temperature

For more detailed information on this plugin please see this documentation.

The plugin can be found on GitHub or in the Indigo Plugin Store.