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RoboPad is an Android app that consists on a robots controller via the device's Bluetooth. You have several types of robots with differents types of control for each of them. The robots must be controlled by an Arduino board with a Bluetooth module.

Right now, the type of robot that you can choose are the PrintBots designed in the bq company or whichever robot with an Arduino board.

You can use a 3D printer to create your printbot (Pollywog, Beetle and Rhino). You can find the printable parts and the code of each one in

You can use the generic robot controller if you create your own robot with its own Arduino code or if you wants to add more functionality to the other ones, through the buttons 1 to 6

The buttons send the following character to the Arduino board:

Button 1 - '1'
Button 2 - '2'
Button 3 - '3'
Button 4 - '4'
Button 5 - '5'
Button 6 - '6'

The generic robot, Crab and Rhino options are hidden as their UI is not finished. Make them visible in the activity_select_robot.xml layout.

If you have any questions you can contact us by sending an email to


  1. Control Arduino robots via Bluetooth
  2. 6 buttons in the generic robot mode for use as you want in your Arduino code
  3. Specific controls for the Pollywog, Beetle, Evolution, Rhino and Crab PrintBots of bq. Now some of them can also change into the line follower mode, the light avoider mode or the obstacles avoider mode.
  4. Management of the Bluetooth connection for battery saving


  1. RoboPad depends on droid2ino library. Clone the droid2ino repository:

    git clone
  2. Install the droid2ino library in your local repository:

    cd droid2ino/droid2ino
    gradle install
  3. Install Android Studio and Gradle.

  4. If you use a 64 bits Linux, you will need to install ia32-libs-multiarch:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-multiarch
  5. Clone the RoboPad repository:

    git clone
  6. In Android Studio go to File > Open and select the previous RoboPad cloned project.

  7. Upload the Arduino code to your robot. You can find it in the Arduino folder of this project or in DIWO web of Bq

  8. In order to install the firmware of the Crab printbot that you will find in the Arduino folder, you have to copy the Oscillator folder (that is in the Oscillator_Lib folder) in to the libraries folder in the folder where you have installed the Arduino program. You can find more detailed info for doing this in the documentation of the Arduino web.



  • In order to fix the problem when receiving the messages from the Arduino board of obtaining empty strings or divided strings, the droid2ino library uses escape characters in order to obtaining the entire message well.

    • Start escape characters: &&
    • End escape characters : %%

    So an example of a message written by the Arduino program for a generic robot would be:

    &&I write from Arduino%%
  • The generic robot has 6 buttons that sends the commands '1', '2', '3', '4', '5' and '6' respectively to the Arduino board.


RoboPad is distributed in terms of GPL license. See for more details.


Android app that consists on a robots controller via the device's Bluetooth.




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