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ESLint Build Status

Heads up! Beginning with version 1.11, Brackets now includes a prepackaged version of ESLint. If you want to get the possible benefits of the standalone brackets-eslint such as a faster release cycle, you might have to uninstall the default extension first via Extension Manager -> Installed -> ESLint (and vice versa if you want to use the prepackaged one).

Brackets extension which provides file linting with ESLint.

Uses CLIEngine from which should provide same results as linting in the command line (respecting all .eslintrc files)

Includes support for custom parsers and plugins.

How to install

Use brackets-npm-registry

How to configure

Use standard .eslintrc file like this one

Configuring ESLint

More information here

How to use custom rules

Move them to .eslintrules folder in your project root like you can see in this repo.

Custom parsers and plugins

Extension uses eslint plugins installed in the current project. If you're missing a plugin, then in your project directory do:

npm install eslint-plugin-react

Configuration defaults

To disable the both warning and error icons in the gutter you can configure the brackets.json as followed:

  "brackets-eslint.gutterMarks": false

or only disable warnings icons:

  "brackets-eslint.gutterMarks": { "error": true, "warning" : false }

To force the extension to use its own local version of ESLint:

  "brackets-eslint.useLocalESLint": true

Publishing new version of the extension

cd brackets-eslint

get latest version from origin (discarding local changes):

git fetch origin
git reset --hard origin/master
git status (should say 'nothing to commit, working tree clean')

make sure the extension is built locally:

npm install

raise the version & publish:

npm version [major | minor | patch]
git push
git push --tags
npm publish

pack all except .git and node_modules folders into a zip file and upload to brackets-registry one thing here - someone's blocking 'brackets-eslint' name so I rename the name of the extension to:

"name": "zaggino.brackets-eslint",

before zipping in package.json, maybe ask registry maintainers to look into this after zipping just do git reset --hard to revert again