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License BSD Build Status


A client library for the Ridiculously Simple Configuration System.

(also available at gitlab:

RSCS only stores keys and values and only allows simple CRUD operations. It is supposed to underwhelm you.

This library is a Perl6 client for RSCS.


# Assuming you have rscs running on port 8081.

use v6;
use DB::Rscs;

my $rscs =>'http://localhost:8081');
my $val = 'val1';
my $key = 'key1';
my %out = $rscs.get($key);
say %out{$VALUE_KEY};
$rscs.update($key,'a new val');


DB::Rscs has a unit test file that will only be run in full through the Travis CI link which is the target of the build badge above. During installation via zef the full test suite is not run since it requires a local executable copy of the rscs daemon (, which I do not want to retrieve as part of the zef library install process. I expect users will obtain this program on their own using the command go get

If you wish to run the unit tests after installation, just set the environment variables TRAVIS and CI to be true and rerun the tests.


Brad Clawsie (PAUSE:bradclawsie,


This module is licensed under the BSD license, see: