Resumes blow, so let's try and make it way better
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This started as just a simple place to store a markdown format of my resume, and now it's turned into an easy way to host your resume using sinatra, github-pages or Heroku.


  1. Fork this project
  2. Modify to be your resume.
  3. Modify config.yaml so that the data represents you, not icco.
  4. Edit views/style.less to make your resume look pretty.
  5. Install the gems sinatra, github-markup, git, rack-test and heroku. The easiest way to do this is gem install bundler && bundle install
  1. type rake local or ./resume.rb to run locally.
  2. To deploy to Heroku
  • Run heroku create
  • rake deploy to push your resume to the internet.
  1. To deploy to github-pages, run rake github.

Other cool stuff

My idea is pretty simple, I just wanted a plain text resume and an easy way to host it. Dan Mayer took this idea and ran with it. He made a lot of really cool changes, and although I love simplicity, what I really love is how much he abstracted my original design. You should really check out his resume, and some of the forks of it.

License is property of Nathaniel "Nat" Welch. You are welcome to use it as a base structure for your resume, but don't forget, you are not him.

The rest of the code is licensed CC-GPL. Remember sharing is caring.