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Unzeef My Links

A simple XML-Link Extractor to get your links out of Zeef-Pages.

In 2014 I had created several Development Link-Collections targeting popular JavaScript frameworks (Backbone, Angular, Ractive) and languages (Rust).

Sadly, the people from Zeef misused my pages by adding commercial link-blocks (headhunting companies, job-search engines etc.) without informing me in the first place.

I've contacted them several times to make it clear that I neither endorse nor want anyone to manipulate my pages without my consent.

And especially I don't want to have anything commercial on my link-pages.

I've collected all those links to help the Developer community!

We all know how hard it can be to learn JavaScript and the gazillion of different technologies so these link-pages were created to support JavaScript enthusiasts.

Some time ago Zeef responded with apologies and even offered me to participate in this advertising scheme but I refused.

I've built all those pages without any commercial plans in mind and I'd never ever accept any money that's not coming from my employer.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who continuosly receives emails with offers to write a book on JavaScript or advertise a new video-course on XYZ-Technology and the like.

But all of my code on GitHub and my blog posts are completely free. I do not need an additional money supply.

Of course, I understand that companies have certain commercial interests and that's perfectly fine. But they should be open in articulating their plans and communicate better with people who build up pages, posts and write code for others for free.


ExtractZeefLinks.exe your_exported.xml

My former link collections are located under MyLinkPages subdir.


Use Visual Studio 2015 to open the solution file Unzeef.sln




A simple XML-Link Extractor to get your links out of Zeef-Pages.




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