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jQuery Spellcheck Plugin

A jQuery plugin that adds spellcheck support to inputs. It uses Google's spell checking API and requires a server to handle the communication with the API. An example php implementation is provided.

It has several configurable options.

  • lang: the 2 letter language code, defaults to en for english
  • events: a space separated string of events to use, default is 'keypress blur paste'
  • autocheck: number of milliseconds to check spelling after a key event, default is 750.
  • url: url of the spellcheck service on your server, default is spellcheck.php
  • ignorecaps: 1 to ignore words with all caps, 0 to check them
  • ignoredigits: 1 to ignore digits, 0 to check them

If there are spelling errors it outputs them to a div with the ID "spellcheckresults" appended to the body and positioned directly under the input. Within this div it creates a definition list (<dl>) with the misspelled word as the title (<dt>) and each suggestion as the definition (<dd>).


The spellcheck plugin is licensed under the MIT License (LICENSE.txt).

Copyright (c) 2010 Brandon Aaron


A jQuery plugin that adds spellcheck support to inputs using the Google spell checker API.



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