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Configuration and scripts for sane Tmux default behavior.
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* minor changes to make tmx cleaner and more readable:
  * silence error output from `tmux ls`
  * consistency for tmux commands (i.e. `new-session` instead of `new`)
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Tmux Extra

A few extra files useful to get sane Tmux default behavior (or what a person coming from Screen might consider sane at any rate). Changes are described in more detail in my article Practical Tmux.


Included files:

  • .tmux.conf: Tmux configuration file. Symlink to your home directory like ln -s /home/brandur/tmux-extra/.tmux.conf /home/brandur/.

  • tmx: A Tmux launcher script mostly useful for getting sessions that share the same set of windows, but can move between them independently. Symlink to a directory in your $PATH like ln -s /home/brandur/tmux-extra/tmx /home/brandur/bin/.


Launch Tmux via the launcher with tmx <session name> where the session name is an arbitrary string representing a session that you might want to reconnect to later (e.g. tmx mutelight).


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