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#!/usr/bin/env python
'''invocation: path_to_vcf.vcf "P" Q G
P = comma-separated pair of prefixes identifying cross founder species/strains
for instance, if founding parents of strain "BW" are BW01, BW02, BW03
and founding parents of strain "PO" are PO01,PO02,PO03,
this paramter would be "BW,PO"
Q = GATK "QD" score threshold for inclusion
G = individual genotype call quality threshold
# functionality from short_read now copied here
#from short_read_analysis import variant_detection,extract_genotypes_from_mclgr
import os,sys,re,numpy
from collections import defaultdict
import HTSeq,random,sys
from collections import defaultdict
from rtd import preprocess_radtag_lane
def sample_data_from_DB(sampleids, mousedb = 'Hoekstra lab mouse database'):
td = preprocess_radtag_lane.no_net_get_table_as_dict(mousedb)
ped = dict([ (d['id'], (d['damid'],d['sireid'])) \
for d in td \
if d.get('id','') in sampleids \
and d.has_key('sireid') \
and d.has_key('damid')])
ped_parents = reduce(lambda x,y:x+y,ped.values())
ped.update(dict([ (d['id'],(d['damid'],d['sireid'])) \
for d in td \
if d.get('id','') in ped_parents \
and d.has_key('sireid') \
and d.has_key('damid')]))
recombinants = [d['id'] for d in td if d.get('id','') in ped.keys() \
and ',' in d['damstrain'] and ',' in d['sirestrain']]
parents = []
for f2 in recombinants:
for f1 in ped[f2]:
for g0 in ped[f1]:
parents = list(set(parents))
parents_spp = dict([(d['id'],d['damstrain']) for d in td if d.get('id','') in parents])
return ped, recombinants, parents, parents_spp
def species_tests_by_family(ped, recombinants, parents_spp):
tests = defaultdict(list)
for f2 in recombinants:
g0_by_spp = defaultdict(list)
for f1 in ped[f2]:
for g0 in ped[f1]:
k = tuple([tuple(set(g0_by_spp[spp])) for spp in sorted(g0_by_spp.keys())])
return tests
def default_cut_fn(vc):
#consider adding ReadPosRankSum > -9
accept = len(vc.alt) == 1 \
and'QD',0) >= 5
return accept
def cross_genotypes_from_htseq_vcf(vcfr, tests, cut_fn=default_cut_fn, gq_cut=20):
genotypes = defaultdict(dict)
loci = []
for i,vc in enumerate(vcfr):
#THIS LIKELY FAILS IF make_info_dict() hasn't been run...
if i % 10000 == 0: print >> sys.stderr, '\r',i,len(loci),'found',
if not cut_fn(vc): continue
loc = '%s.%s' % (vc.pos.chrom,vc.pos.start)
for (pA,pB),inds in tests.items():
pAa = set()
pBa = set()
if any([float(vc.samples[g0].get('GQ',0)) < gq_cut for g0 in pA + pB]): continue
for pAi in pA:
alleles = vc.samples[pAi]['GT'].split('/')
pAa = pAa.union(set(alleles))
for pBi in pB:
alleles = vc.samples[pBi]['GT'].split('/')
pBa = pBa.union(set(alleles))
if not '.' in pAa and not '.' in pBa and len(pAa) == 1 and len(pBa) == 1 and len(pAa.intersection(pBa)) == 0:
gt_lookup = {list(pAa)[0]: 'A', list(pBa)[0]:'B'}
for f2 in inds:
if float(vc.samples[f2].get('GQ',0)) < gq_cut: continue
gt = ''.join([gt_lookup[a] for a in vc.samples[f2]['GT'].split('/')])
genotypes[f2][loc] = gt
if len(loci) and loci[-1] == loc:
return loci, genotypes
def output_cross_radtag_genotypes(loci,genotypes,filename,lg0='X'):
'''Given list loci and dictionary genotype per genotypes_by_parent, writes file <filename>
suitable for RQTL
overloads 20101202:
- if loci is a dict per maploci from load_cross_radtag_genotypes below, sort by map position in output
- if filename is not string, use as filehandle (permits passing sys.stdout, for instance)
def sortkey(x):
if x == '':
return 0
return x
if isinstance(loci,list):
locnames = loci
lgs = ['1' for i in range(len(loci))]
mps = [str(i+1) for i in range(len(loci))]
elif isinstance(loci,dict):
for k,v in loci.items():
if v[0] == 0:
loci[k] = (lg0,v[1])
locnames,lgs,mps = zip(*[(loc,str(lg),str(mp)) for loc,(lg,mp) in sorted(loci.items(),key=lambda x:[sortkey(v) for v in x[1]])])
mID_lookup = dict([(m,str(i)) for i,m in enumerate(sorted(genotypes.keys()))])
if isinstance(filename,str):
fh = open(filename ,'w')
#open(filename+'.mIDlookup','w').write('\n'.join(['%s\t%s' % (i,m) for m,i in sorted(mID_lookup.items())]))
fh = filename
#open('.mIDlookup','w').write('\n'.join(['%s\t%s' % (i,m) for m,i in sorted(mID_lookup.items())]))
fh.write(','.join(['%sr' % l for l in locnames]))
out_geno = {}
for mID in genotypes.keys():
out_geno[mID] = dict([(mkr,genotypes[mID][mkr]) for mkr in locnames if genotypes[mID].has_key(mkr)])
fh.write(','.join([genotypes[mID].get(mkr,'-') for mkr in locnames]))
return out_geno,mID_lookup
if __name__ == "__main__":
#vcfn,qd,gq,chi2crit = sys.argv[1:]
vcfn,outbase,gq,fract_max = sys.argv[1:5]
gq = float(gq)
fract_max = float(fract_max)
#outbase = os.path.splitext(vcfn)[0]
vcfr = HTSeq.VCF_Reader(vcfn)
ped, recombinants, parents, parents_spp = sample_data_from_DB(vcfr.sampleids)
tests = species_tests_by_family(ped, recombinants, parents_spp)
polarized_loci,polarized_geno = cross_genotypes_from_htseq_vcf(vcfr, tests, gq_cut=gq)
loc_counts = dict([(loc,sum([polarized_geno[ind].has_key(loc) for ind in recombinants])) for loc in polarized_loci])
mct = max(loc_counts.values())
keep_sites = [k for k,v in loc_counts.items() if v > mct*fract_max]
print >> sys.stderr, '\n\nfound %s sites with max count %s individuals. Require %s, keeping %s' % (len(polarized_loci), mct, mct*fract_max, len(keep_sites))
#chi2-free output:
ret = output_cross_radtag_genotypes(keep_sites,polarized_geno,'%s_GQ%s_%sind.csv' % (outbase,gq,fract_max))
""" #ditch chi2
print >> sys.stderr, 'filter X linked, chi2 critical %s' % chi2crit
xsites,autsites = extract_genotypes_from_mclgr.filter_Xlinked_loci(polarized_loci, polarized_geno,float(chi2crit))
print >> sys.stderr, '%s X linked, %s autosomal' % (len(xsites),len(autsites))
print >> sys.stderr, 'write output'
ret = extract_genotypes_from_mclgr.output_cross_radtag_genotypes(xsites,polarized_geno,'%s_QD%s-GQ%s_%sbp_Xchi%s.csv' % (outbase,qd,gq,site_before,chi2crit))
ret = extract_genotypes_from_mclgr.output_cross_radtag_genotypes(autsites,polarized_geno,'%s_QD%s-GQ%s_%sbp_autchi%s.csv' % (outbase,qd,gq,site_before,chi2crit))
print >> sys.stderr, 'wrote:'
print >> sys.stderr, '%s_QD%s-GQ%s_%sbp_Xchi%s.csv' % (outbase,qd,gq,site_before,chi2crit)
print >> sys.stderr, '%s_QD%s-GQ%s_%sbp_autchi%s.csv' % (outbase,qd,gq,site_before,chi2crit)
print >> sys.stderr, 'done'