A Kodi skin with touches of reFocus and Aeon Nox.
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1. To imitate
Synonyms: resemble, look like, have the appearance of

As its name implies, this skin owes much to the Kodi community. In no particular order, I'd like to thank the following individuals:

  • BigNoid, for developing Aeon Nox, on which this skin is based.
  • Jeroen, for creating reFocus and some of the views included here.
  • BobCratchett, for creating the skinshortcuts script and updating Mimic to use its latest features.
  • Phil65, for the ExtendedInfo script and the selected item animation that is used throughout Mimic.
  • Marcelveldt, for the skin helper service that makes the colour picker and so many other things possible.
  • JurialMunkey, for Arctic Zephyr, which was the inspiration for the header and several other features.

And finally, all of the users, translators, testers, and fans of Mimic.

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![Home Default] (https://github.com/braz96/skin.mimic/raw/master/resources/screenshot-01.jpg)

![Shift View] (https://github.com/braz96/skin.mimic/raw/master/resources/screenshot-06.jpg)


  • Adjust views for video addons.
  • Fix watched/unwatched indicator settings.
  • Misc bug fixes.


  • Added background overlay options.
  • Added new widget styles based on content type.
  • Redesigned lyrics, thx manfeed!.
  • Enabled "More" menu on info dialog for video widgets and seasons.
  • Fixed home backgrounds for submenu items.


  • Reconfigured backgrounds options.


  • Simplified home window, removed several options.
  • Removed Live DVD background option (wasn't working).
  • Added mouse support for submenus.
  • Redesigned Addon, Extended Info, and Global Search info dialogs.
  • Added more home background options via script.skin.helper.service.
  • Removed dependency on script.grab.fanart.
  • Implemented a context menu for the menu customizer.
  • Removed ShowCase and Poster views.
  • Redesigned InfoWall view.
  • Added LowPanel view for Artists and Albums.
  • Added LowList and InfoWall views for Sets.
  • Added media flags for episode List view.
  • Redesigned volume bar and extended progress bar dialogs (adapted from Estuary).
  • Added button to side menu to edit library nodes.
  • Removed light theme.
  • Added option to customize disabled color.
  • Added color theme management.
  • Added default widgets for new installs.
  • Added Shift view for Files.
  • Added 2 column option for list view.
  • Overhaul skin fonts.
  • Rounded skin textures (based on Arctic Zephyr) and added square theme.
  • Redesigned main menu.


  • Added a quick launch menu to side menu.
  • Redesigned player controls and video/music OSD buttons.


  • Added new widget style for vertical home layout.
  • Redesigned extended weather window.
  • Moved extras menu to a helper script.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Removed cdART Manager and ROM Collection Browser skins.


  • Initial release for Kodi 17 Krypton.


  • Added an option to limit the number of widget items.
  • Added an option for wide list when using List view.
  • Added an option for media flags in certain views.
  • Added an option for icons on the vertical menu and fixed animations.
  • Added a list view for the Settings window.
  • Added country flags for Countries video node.
  • Added more art options for Fanart view and removed Logo view.


  • Added more art options for Thumbnail view.
  • Redesigned vertical menu.
  • Added alternative weather/time/date display on home screen.
  • Added user ratings for music/videos.
  • Redesigned information dialogs.
  • Added option for centered menus on default home layout.
  • Converted widgets to use templates so they don't have to reload.
  • Added about/credits screen in skin settings.
  • Redesigned the select dialog.
  • Added an option for wider main menu items.
  • Replaced Thai font with Sawasdee.
  • Added a new dialog for supported addons.
  • Added a select dialog for actor info (credit to BigNoid).
  • Added a header for the home screen.
  • Redesigned widgets on the vertical layout.
  • Added an option to separate the main menu and submenu on the vertical layout.
  • Added an option for panel style widgets.


  • Fix submenu visibility on default home layout for touch/mouse users.


  • Major redesign of main menu, header and views, including new icons and font.


  • Reconfigured overlay icons.
  • Changed keyboard autocomplete to use plugin.program.autocomplete.
  • Added status of add-ons in skin settings.
  • Reconfigured color customizer to use skin.helper.service.
  • Added support for weather fanart image resource addons.
  • Reconfigured music viz background options, added support for script.colorbox.
  • Skinned the Audio DSP Manager and Audio DSP Settings dialogs.


  • Updated skin dependencies.
  • Added skin setting to set home background override slideshow.
  • Added oninfo actions for movie and episode widgets.


  • BobCratchett updated Mimic to the latest skinshortcuts features. Thanks!
  • Updated language files from Transifex.


  • Updated Mimic for Kodi 16 Jarvis.
  • Continued adding additional artwork options to several views.
  • Added player controls to the side menu.


  • Added a sidebar option to wrap the ShowCase view. It is now a fixed list by default.
  • Added ability to seek by clicking progress bars.
  • Reconfigured all media views and added additional artwork options (banner, landscape, logo).
  • Reconfigured musicvideo section, all views now support square artwork only.
  • Added a new logo view.
  • Redesigned login screen.


  • Skinned Rom Collection Browser dialogs.
  • Added option to display plot/description on Shift view for videos/music.
  • Added Shift view for episodes.
  • Added Trailer button to context menu for movies.
  • New default main menu.
  • Added skin setting to change text color.


  • Updated all of the panel views using Phil65's design.
  • Added support for Phil65's YouTube Browser addon.
  • Added YouTube videos to Artist/Album and Movie/TV Show info dialogs.
  • Added a basic weather view.
  • Added skin setting to change default background image.
  • Added 8 custom widgets to skin settings.
  • Added large icon option to InfoWall view for videos.
  • Added extra fanart option to InfoWall, Showcase, and BannerInfo views for videos.
  • Added support for Rom Collection Browser.


  • Updated language files from Transifex.
  • Added skin settings to import/export the skin settings.
  • Added keyboard auto-complete via Extended Info script.
  • Skinned T9 keyboard for Extended Info.
  • Added support for Nextup Notification Service addon.
  • Added blurred album cover background for music viz, courtesy of AN5.
  • Changed Extended Info video list to Shift view.


  • Added support for SimplePlaylists addon.
  • Fixed LowList view for video/music addons, added it for picture addons.
  • Updated language files from Transifex.


  • Added two new home layouts: top menu and vertical menu.
  • Added support for series recording with pvr.wmc.
  • Fixed critical error with color customizer when enabled for the first time.
  • Added skin setting to show submenus all the time on alternative home layouts.


  • Added IMDb flag for views when sorted by Top 250.
  • Added LowList view from Aeon Nox 5.
  • Added skin setting to disable autoscroll for home widgets.
  • Redesigned video bookmarks window.
  • Replaced premade color themes with color customizer in skin settings.
  • Added a sidebar menu for the Settings section and Global Search.
  • Replaced similar artists with artist bio in music viz options.
  • Added EPG support to Global Search (requires version 4.x).
  • Updated language files from Transifex.


  • Initial release for Kodi Isengard, includes updates to the skinning engine.
  • Added a dialog to the sidebar for choosing view modes.
  • Added a new Blue theme.
  • Added support for The Big Picture addon.
  • Consolidated addon views, added Shift view for addons.
  • Updated language files from Transifex.
  • Changed default theme to black-blue.
  • Added support for LazyTV addon.


  • Added back the option for home fanart overlay.


  • Updated language files from Transifex.
  • Added a Thai language font.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added option to animate music visualization fanart.
  • Redesigned music/video now playing info on the home screen.
  • Redesigned home screen widgets so they are part of the main menu.
  • Redesigned Icon view for Pictures and added a setting to hide Picture filenames.
  • Fixed musicvideo views and added new ones.


  • Added skin setting to always display home screen widgets, rather than press up from main menu.
  • Fixed list view posters for Files and Addons.
  • Updated language files from Transifex.
  • Removed color diffuse from TV channel logos.
  • Added a serif font, NotoSerif.


  • Updated language files from Transifex.
  • Added Live TV now playing info to the home screen.
  • Added video now playing info to the bottom bar.
  • Changed home widgets to comply with wrap/fixed list setting.
  • Added a white theme.
  • Added mouse support for the media menu.
  • Added extendedinfo to extras context menu, thx Warner306.
  • Added drop shadows to dialogs and two additional options with BoldDialog and FlatDialog themes.


  • Changed window animations.
  • Fixed fanart overlay for Favourites and Global Search.
  • Added additional info to Music/Addon list and slim list views.
  • Added a full screen Wall view.
  • Added foreign language support with Arial font.
  • Made Webly Sleek UI the default font, added Roboto 2014.
  • Replaced Logo view with Fanart view.
  • Added a 7th line to the EPG.
  • Added Black-Green, Black-Mauve, and Black-Purple color themes.
  • Updated language files from Transifex.
  • Added support for script.extendedinfo.
  • Added an optional bottom bar to display now playing music info.


  • Redesigned widgets on home screen.
  • Removed option for genre fanart for video and music.
  • Changed main menu to obey fixed horizontal list setting.
  • Moved notifications to the right side of screen.
  • Changed how InfoWall and BannerInfo handle missing fanart.
  • Added setting to hide weather/clock on home screen.
  • Updated rating stars to all use themecolor.
  • Added panel view for Artists.
  • Added a scrollbar to System Info window.
  • Added a skin setting to remove fullscreen overlay on Home screen.
  • Changed videoinfo actor list from labels to thumbs.
  • Removed cdART from album info. Replaced with artist logo.
  • Fixed display of parent folder items.
  • Added infolines back to the topbar.
  • Converted Favorites to a standard window with List and Icon views.


  • Initial release.