Wraps the awesome Hem server in a proxy server so you can also get to an API server for your Spine app.
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#Because Hem is awesome but missing one thing...

When playing around with SpineJS I also discovered Hem. I immediately loved it and really wanted to use it with all my projects, everything I build for work and home is coffeescript and stylus. The only thing missing was built in support for the models to make ajax calls to an API or CRUD server. That's where proxy-hem comes in. Proxy-hem really only does one thing, it runs hem and it runs http-proxy. All requests for static content: images, stylesheets, javascript, etc... are directed to Hem. Everything else is passed through to the default server.


npm install -g proxy-hem


The proxy server will setup to run at http://localhost:3000 by default. Configuration for this is coming soon.

Proxy-hem should be run from the directory where the slug.json file exists. You can specify a port for Hem to use using -p. Otherwise, the only Hem command used is 'server'.

The API server is expected to be running at https://localhost:4000. Configuration for this is coming soon.

For Hem usage, see Hem guide