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[Abandoned] A Pingback implementation for Clojure
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This project is abandoned

An implementation of the Pingback API for clojure. This library is built ontop of necessary-evil: this is particularly relevant if you wish to implement a server endpoint as some understanding of how necessary-evil interacts with the Ring http library.

Due to dependancy on necessary-evil, clj-pingback requires Java 6+ and clojure 1.2.1+.



(require '[clj-pingback.client :refer [pingback]])

The client is one function, pingback. This function takes a source URI (the URI of the page that is the source of the pingback) and a seq of all the target URIs that that page references. For example, it might be:

(pingback "" 

In this case, both and will recieve pingbacks from

pingback returns a map of target URIs mapping to the result. The result will be one of:

  • nil: The URI does not provide an endpoint for PingBacks.
  • A string: The Pingback was successfully recieved
  • An XML-RPC fault record: The pingback did not succeed. Consult the Pingback spec for fault codes.

Note that while pingback sends out the pings concurrently, the function blocks until all the results are collated.


Implementing Pingback in a web application is fairly straight forward. The pingback-endpoint handles all the generic behaviour. It takes an implementation of the Pingbackable protocol to delegate to for the specific details of sites backend. This creates an xml-rpc endpoint as a Ring handler function. Embed this into your application as you would any other Ring handler. See the necessary-evil documention for examples.

Consult the docstring on clj-pingback.server/Pingbackable for specifics on implementing you own backend.

The following is a trivial, but useless, example:

(require '[clj-pingback.server :refer [pingback-endpoint
         '[ring.adapter.jetty :refer [run-jetty])

(def ep (pingback-endpoint 
          (reify Pingbackable
                    [this target-uri] 

                    [this source-uri target-uri]

(run-jetty #'ep {:join? false :port 3000})


Copyright (C) 2010, 2012 Andrew Brehaut

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.