Control the Mouse 🖱️ and Keyboard ⌨️ using simple requests
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Primary Input Devices Requests

A server that controls the mouse and keyboard based off a request.

Getting Started


  • Python : Python 2.7 or Python 3.4+


  1. Clone/download this repo
  2. Open cmd/terminal and cd to the project
  3. Execute pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the Application

Run The server will start up in the background with the local ip of the host and 8080 as the port.

  • To declare the ip of the server, pass the -ip flag followed by an ip address
  • To declare the port of the server, pass the -port flag followed by a port number
  • To restrict access to gaining a token from the server, you can provide a -key flag followed by a string.

Using the Application

  1. Run passing any arguments wanted. This could be done on startup with a batch file or something similar.
  2. Acquire the servers token by sending a post request to /get_token. If you passed a key when starting th server, include this key in the data with 'key' as the key.
  3. Make requests to the server passing this key and any other necessary data.

Here is an example:

>>> import requests

# Get Token
>>> r ='', json={'key':'keyDeclaredOnStartUp'})
>>> token = r.json()['token']
>>> token
'!}%b_fz29=u.0~9%g6L|)I\t3j3Sm-htR"6.u!2R\x0cX>Efjvn9DXJ!LX+O91 }BF6:'

# Check Token
>>>'', json={'token': token}).json()
{'success': True}

# Get Mouses Position Using Token
>>> requests.get('', json={'token':token}).json()
{'success': True, 'position': [-537, 752]}

# Press the Character 'a'
>>>'', json={'token':token, 'key': 'a'}).json()
{'success': True}

Current Routes

Location Method Parameters Description
/info GET Gets data about the host and will say if a key is required
/get_token POST key (only if declared on startup) Gives a token when no key required or the correct key is passed
/check_token POST token Will return if a token is valid
/keyboard/type POST token, key Type a key (press and release once)
/keyboard/press POST token, key Press and hold a key
/keyboard/release POST token, key Release a key
/mouse/position GET token Returns the position of the mouse
/mouse/position POST token, x, y Sets the position of the mouse
/mouse/move POST token, x, y Moves the mouse relative to its current position
/mouse/click POST token, button, amount Click a mouse button a specified amount of times
/mouse/press POST token, button Press and hold a mouse button
/mouse/release POST token, button Release a mouse button
/mouse/scroll POST token, dx, dy Scroll the mouse horizontally and or vertically

Special keys and mouse buttons can be found at the top of