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Flask is a web framework for Python, based on the Werkzeug toolkit.

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ThiefMaster commented Nov 10, 2021

While it makes no sense to use it outside a context, the error message could be nicer when you do so anyway (e.g. because you accidentally call a function using it from a celery task or some other place without a request context), like e.g. in copy_current_request_context [in the same file](ht

jofpin commented Jan 22, 2020

It has been a pleasure for me to contribute to all of you 2 versions of this tool.

I've been working on other open source projects that I'm about to release for you, so I haven't finished trape version 3.0.

But, I invite you and the entire community that has used this project, to collaborate with some lines of code, implementing your own ideas and improving trape, turning it into a project o

jessesheidlower commented Nov 17, 2017

I'm new to Flask, and was wondering about a feature that I think would be useful to add to the Pagination class. Unless I'm missing it, there doesn't seem to be a built-in way to get the numbers of the items you're viewing on the page itself. That is, if you want to display "387 records found; displaying 26–50", you'd have to do calculations to get the "26" and "50".

I think something along the

butla commented Feb 5, 2020

Hey! When I was reading the docs and I saw api.background.task, the first thing that popped into my head was "but you can just use asyncio.create_task or loop,.run_in_executor for that without inventing something new!". But then I noticed that it also passes the context vars to the synchronous backround stuff, which is nice. Wonder why that's not the case in the stdlib, cause it would be nic

Created by Armin Ronacher

Released April 1, 2010

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