Run small scripts from a simple UI
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Quick Script

What this is

This script allows you to save mini scripts made for small tasks and turn them into an easily accessed library. The scripts will appear in a scroll window and on selection they will run and the window will then close (can be configured).

Installation / Setup

  1. Clone or download this git
  2. Install requirements
    • Python 3 (not tested with other versions currently)
    • PYQT5 (pip install pyqt5)
  3. Run / RunQuickScript.vbs (could attach it to a hotkey for easy access)


To run this the script needs to be run with Python. A window will appear with your scripts.
Main Window
Settings Window

Configuration (settings.json)

This file is located by and keeps a record of settings and script run counts.

    "close_on_run": true,
    "run_count": {},
    "stay_on_top": true,
    "window_height": 400

Python script files

To make a script appear in the UI they need to be in the /scripts/ folder. The script needs four main features; name, description, tags and a main method which returns True on success. An example of a script is shown here:

NAME = "Example Script"
DESCRIPTION = "Run example script"
TAGS = ["example", "script"]

def main():
    print ("This is an example script")
    return True

The scripts can be named anything as long as they are in /scripts/ with a .py extension. The script does not have to have name, description or tags, they will just be rendered as none.

A parameter can be added to the main() method and as long as their is only one parameter required, the window class will be passed to main() so the method will now have access to the window and can use functions like dialogCritical().

Scripts included


This just makes it easier to run the project without a shell. Run RunQuickScript.vbs and the GUI will appear without the annoying shell.