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Muxed - “Another TMUX project manager”

Build Status

Drop muxed in to your $PATH and take it for a spin. Happy to receive feature requests or bug reports!

Muxed Tools

muxed: Provides the functionality for opening and parsing your project configs to launch a TMUX session.

muxednew: Provides a template generator to create new project files. See the new subcommand in Usage.



See the releases page for muxed packages. Download and untar the package as desired. The muxed-complete package contains both muxed and muxednew. The stand alone muxed package only contains the muxed bin. Make sure the muxed and muxednew bins are somewhere in your $PATH. I generally move the bins in to /usr/local/bin.

$ tar -xvzf muxed-VERSION-SYSTEM.tar.gz
x muxed
$ mv muxed /usr/local/bin
$ muxed --help
$ muxed my_project

From source:

Have rust stable (or nightly at the risk of it not working) installed. Clone this repo. Then run cargo to build the source, and again use cargo to run the app.

$ git clone
$ cargo build
$ cargo run -- --help
$ cargo run my_project


1. Create a new project file.

If this is your first run, muxed will create the ~/.muxed/ directory for you.

$ muxed new my_project
Looks like this is your first time here. Muxed could't find the configuration directory: `/home/vagrant/.muxed`
Creating that now 👌

✌ The template file my_project.yml has been written to /home/vagrant/.muxed
Happy tmuxing!

The generated template will look like this (but with some inline docs):

root: "~/"
  - editor:
      layout: "main-vertical"
      panes: ["vi", "ls -alh"]
  - processes: "ls /proc"
  - logs: "tail -f /var/log/dmesg"

This config will create a new tmux session with three windows named editor, processes and logs. By default your view will be on the first window opened, on the first pane, which in this case is vi in the editor window. The first window will have two panes split vertically, the left will have the editor vi running and the right will have a shell listing of your current working directory.

2. Edit your template

Now you can use your favourite editor and make changes to the config as desired.

$ $EDITOR ~/.muxed/my_project.yml

3. Open TMUX with your muxed config

$ muxed my_project

Usage Options

    muxed [options] <project>
    muxed new [options] <project>
    muxed (-h | --help)
    muxed (-v | --version)

    -d                  If you want to create a muxed session without connecting to it
    -h, --help          Prints help information
    -v, --version       Prints version information

    -p <project_dir>    The directory your project config files live in. Defaults to ~/.muxed/

    <project>           The name of your project to open

    new                 The name of your project to create


This project has been inspired by the work done on the tmuxinator project. Check it out for a ruby based tmux session management solution.


Copyright (c) 2014-2017 Brian Pearce. See LICENSE for further details.