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WeatherFlow Smart Weather Component for Home Assistant using UDP Transport


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WeatherFlow Local for Home Assistant

This a custom component for Home Assistant. It reads real-time data using the UDP protocol from a WeatherFlow weather station.

It will create a device with several sensor entities for each weather reading like Temperature, Humidity, Station Pressure, UV, etc that is associated with it.


As this component listens for UDP broadcasts, in can take up to 1 minute before all sensors have gotten a value after restart of Home Assistant


This Integration can be installed in two ways:

HACS Installation

Add the following to the Custom Repository under Settings in HACS:

briis/smartweatherudp and choose Ìntegration as Category

Manual Installation

  1. If you don't already have a custom_components directory in your Home Assistant config directory, create it.
  2. Copy the smartweatherudp folder under custom_components into the custom_components folder on Home Assistant.
  3. Or using Git, go to the custom_components directory and enter:
    git clone

Track Updates

If installed via HACS, updates are flagged automatically. Otherwise, you will have to manually update as described in the manual installation steps above.


There is a config flow for this integration. After installing the custom component:

  1. Go to Configuration->Integrations
  2. Click + ADD INTEGRATION to setup a new integration
  3. Search for WeatherFlow - Local and click on it
  4. You will be guided through the rest of the setup process via the config flow
    • This will initially try to find devices by listening to UDP messages on If no devices are found, it will then ask you to enter a host address to try to listen on. Default is but you can enter any host IP. Typically used if your Weather Station is on a different subnet than Home Assistant.

Available Sensors*

Name Description
Air Density The current air density.
Dew Point The atmospheric temperature below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form.
Feels Like How the temperature feels on the skin. A combination of heat index, wind chill and current temperature.
Humidity The relative humidity.
Illuminance The current brightness.
Lightning Average Distance The average distance detected for lightning.
Lightning Count The count of lightning strikes.
Rain Amount The rain amount over the past minute.
Rain Rate The current rain rate based on the past minute.
Solar Radiation The current Solar Radiation measured in W/m².
Station Pressure The current barometric pressure.
Temperature The current air temperature.
UV The UV index.
Vapor Pressure The current vapor pressure.
Wet Bulb Temperature The current wet bulb temperature.
Wind Average The average wind speed over the past minute.
Wind Direction The wind direction.
Wind Gust The wind gust speed.
Wind Lull The wind lull speed.
Wind Speed The current wind speed.
Battery The current battery voltage of the sensor.
RSSI The received signal strength indication of the device.
Up Since The UTC datetime the device last came online.

* depends on the device


WeatherFlow Smart Weather Component for Home Assistant using UDP Transport