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Slightly opinionated GraphQL server solution.
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Slightly opinionated GraphQL server solution built on Apollo Server, PostGraphile and Express.


  • All the features of the latest Apollo Server, plus
  • All the features of the latest PostGraphile
  • Create multiple GraphQL services (i.e. Apollo or PostGraphile services) over a single Express application


yarn add @britishcouncil/grizzly # npm install @britishcouncil/grizzly



To get started with @britishcouncil/grizzly, have a look at the examples.



constructor(props: GrizzlyExpressProps): GrizzlyExpress

The props argument accepts the following fields:

Key Type Default Notes
graphqlServices Array of GrizzlyGraphQLServer null See GrizzlyGraphQLServer documentation below for more details about this type
sessionStore Store null An instance of a session storage for Express server.
passport Authenticator null An instance of a passport authenticator.
middlewares Array of ExpressMiddleware null Each ExpressMiddleware can have a path (optional) and a function, e.g. { path: "/hello-world", function: () => "Hello world!" } or { function: () => console.log("Everything") }
port string or number process.env.PORT or 5000 HTTP server port.
host host See HTTP server binding address.
session SessionOptions { secret: process.env.SESSION_SECRET, cookie: { maxAge: 3600000 } // 3600000ms = 1h. } Sessions options
cors CorsOptions null Cors configuration.
bodyParse Object or boolean false The body-parser options: false removes the body parser middleware and true uses the defaults


constructor(options: GrizzlyApolloConfig): GrizzlyApollo

The options argument accepts all the parameters as the options argument by Apollo Server 2.0, but it also adds:

Key Type Default Notes
schemaFile string null Path to a GraphQL schema written in SDL. If this parameter is specified, there will be no need to specify either typeDefs or schema (see Apollo Server options)
endpoint string "/graphql" The endpoint with which register the GraphQL service to the Express app.
middlewares array of GraphQLMiddleware null


constructor(options: GrizzlyPostGraphileOptions): GrizzlyPostGraphile

The options argument accepts all the parameters as the options argument by postgraphile() (see also PostGrpahileOptions interface), but it also merges into it the other two parameters of the postgraphile() function:

Key Type Default Notes
pgConfig Pool or PoolConfig or string null PostgreSQL connection string or object.
schemaName string or Array<string> "public" PostgreSQL schema(s) you to expose via PostGraphile.


 * Session options.
export interface SessionOptions {
  secret?: string;
  cookie?: CookieOptions;

 * General interace for GraphQL servers.
export interface GrizzlyGraphQLServer {
  endpoint?: string;
  }: ServerRegistration): void;

 * Type for express middlewares. Path is optional.
export interface ExpressMiddleware {
  path?: string;
  function: Function;

 * Grizzly Express initialisation options.
export interface GrizzlyExpressProps {
  graphqlServices: Array<GrizzlyGraphQLServer>;
  sessionStore?: Store;
  passport?: Authenticator;
  middlewares?: Array<ExpressMiddleware>;
  port?: string | number;
  address?: string;
  cors?: CorsOptions;
  session?: SessionOptions;
  bodyParser?: Object | boolean;

 * Extends ApolloServer Config.
export interface GrizzlyApolloConfig extends ApolloConfig {
  schemaFile?: string;
  endpoint?: string;
  middlewares?: Array<any>;

 * Extends PostGraphile Config.
export interface GrizzlyPostGraphileOptions extends PostGraphileOptions {
  pgConfig?: Pool | PoolConfig | string;
  schemaName?: string | Array<string>;
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