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My git clone of the Cyrus CVS repository
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Latest commit de4ddb9 @brong index: tell UID and MODSEQ during a fetch setseen if they would be gi…
…ven in tellflags

This makes the CONDSTORE/QRESYNC magic line up
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cunit annotate: don't do the size limit inside annotate.c for metadata
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imap index: tell UID and MODSEQ during a fetch setseen if they would be gi…
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lib buf: add bufarray support
man reconstruct: -M option to prefer mailboxes.db acl and uniqueid
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sieve time_to_iso8601: take a parameter 'withsep' to create YYYY-MM-DDTHH:M…
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INSTALL Automake really likes files called COPYING and/or INSTALL. Obey. buf: add bufarray support
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README.git Add a 'README.git' document
README.ubuntu ubuntu: update package list for FM
SMakefile Remove ALL tabs configure: fix clamav detection for cyr_virusscan Add pkg-config support for libcyrus and libcyrus_min Add pkg-config support for libcyrus and libcyrus_min Bug #3711 - detect broken Apple compile_et Remove ALL tabs


This is the Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus IMAP Server.

The 2.4 series contains numerous features and better standards
support than previous versions.

No further development work will progress on anything older than
version 2.2.  Versions 2.2 and 2.3 still receive security updates,
but new features or non-security bugfixes are unlikely to be

If you continue to install this software PLEASE be sure to read the
documentation (located in the doc/ subdirectory).  Many common questions
can be answered just by carefully following the documentation.
Please also refer to for any outstanding bugs.

Note that CMU only provides a source distribution. If you run into
problems with any binary distribution, please contact the source of
the binary distribution.

* For the real README file, please see doc/readme.html.

* To install the software, please read doc/install.html (but please
  read doc/readme.html first!).

* To see the changes since previous versions, check doc/changes.html,
  and if upgrading look at doc/install-upgrade.html as well.

* To obtain updates to this software, visit the web page
  or ftp directly from

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