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@geminorum geminorum released this Mar 28, 2020

  • Added: cleanup zwnj before/after ellipsis
  • Added: converting kashida between numbers to ndash
  • Added: new option for converting arabic hamzeh
  • Added: replaces spaces after ellipsis
  • Added: support for markdown images
  • Added: support for more punctuations before/after zwnjs cleanup
  • Changed: also removes nbsp from beginning of new-lines
  • Changed: late checks for zwnjs
  • Changed: revert to the old and big uri pattern, ref
  • Fixed: account for punctuations after domain tlds
  • Fixed: account for space before image opening brace within links
  • Fixed: also single padding on the beginning of the text
  • Fixed: check for non-space after space and prefixes
  • Fixed: check for persian chars before suffix spacings
  • Fixed: optional space after preservers
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