Simple image hosting RESTful API with command-line client
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Imege provides tools which allow you to create your own image hosting site with ease.


Before you start

Please make sure you have Ruby 1.9 compatiable interpreter installed. You also need bundler gem, which can be installed by gem i bundler, to run bundle install command which ensures you have the right environment to execute the program.


cli.rb [FILES...]

A command-line interface client is used to upload your images from local to remote server. You must first modify IMEGE_SERVER_URL in the script cli.rb before execution. After that, you can start the program by ruby cli.rb or ./cli.rb. Latter requires execute permission of cli.rb which can be granted by chmod +x cli.rb.

If you haven't run the program before, it would first ask you to register a new account. Encrypted account and password will be store in your home directory as .imege. You can upload your images right after registration if you have already pass image names as arguments.