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Brutusin-RPC shiny logo

JEE web framework for creating self-descriptive JSON-RPC microservices and single-page applications with minimal effort.


  • JSON-RPC 2.0 over HTTP
  • JSON-RPC 2.0 over websockets
  • Messaging (publish/subscribe) over websockets
  • Java & Javascript client API
  • Builtin descriptive services and functional testing module
  • Arbitrary complex input and output description based on JSON Schema
  • Spring-security integration
  • Embedded server runtimes

Full Documentation

See the Wiki for full documentation, examples, operational details and other information.

Quick start. Code and test!

Run this java application:

import org.brutusin.rpc.Server;
import org.brutusin.rpc.websocket.WebsocketAction;

public class HelloAction extends WebsocketAction<String, String> {

    public String execute(String input) throws Exception {
        return "Hello " + input + "!";

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        Server.test(new HelloAction());

and automatically your browser will be open with a functional testing client for the newly created service:

Service testing client

Live demos

Support, bugs and requests


Contributions are always welcome and greatly appreciated! Just fork, and send me a pull request.


Apache License, Version 2.0