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AHX player web interface
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AHX Web Music Player

A web interface demonstrating AHX playback in JS using Web Audio API, IndexedDB and JSZip. Tested in Chrome/Firefox.

AHX (Abyss Highest eXperience) is a tracker music format dating back to 1995-1997 on the Amiga. It is completely synthetic and designed to sound like C64 chiptunes. The music files are quite small.

Many thanks go to bartman/abyss for his AHX javascript replayer source. It hasn't been updated and was only ever released here and here back in 2011. I did a number of quick patches to allow all AHX and AHX2 files to work. If there is a better version somewhere, let me know and I'll include it! AHX was originally made by dexter/abyss and pink/abyss.


You'll first want to download the repository and run index.html (or download only and use the live version here). Drag over the file over the page to load/unpack all the tunes into the internal database (using IndexedDB API). contains a collection of AHX tunes (1000+ files) from various sources, mostly Modland/AMP.

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