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Downloading and installing the TextMate Asterisk bundle is pretty simple when you know where to look. First copy the clone link from the “source” tab of this repo.

Once you’ve copied this link, open up a terminal window in OS X. Type: cd ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/ and press enter. This will install the bundle to your user account. Note that the bundle will not be available to other users on your Mac. Paste the link you copied from the clone link and press enter. The bundle will be installed from the github repo. This copies the directory asterisk_textmate_bundle to the directory. In the terminal execute the command: mv asterisk_textmate_bundle Asterisk.tmbundle . Finally, open up textmate and choose from the menu Bundles → Bundle Editor → Reload Bundles. The Asterisk Bundle should be installed!

In an Asterisk conf file, if nothing has changed, go down to the bottom of your file to see which context is currently selected (maybe it’s HTML or PHP or something). Click and a popup box should appear. Select Asterisk from the menu and your file should come alive with beautiful syntax highlighting.

Please feel free to edit and commit changes to this bundle as needed. The project is really a rough draft in it’s current state just so I could get some work done in Asterisk.

Please feel free to write bryce [at] bridgetownint [dot] com with any questions or comments.