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btcd v0.12.0-beta

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@davecgh davecgh released this 21 Nov 17:33
· 1436 commits to master since this release

Protocol and network related changes:

  • Add a new checkpoint at block height 382320 (#555)
  • Implement BIP0065 which includes support for version 4 blocks, a new consensus opcode (OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY) that enforces transaction lock times, and a double-threshold switchover mechanism (#535, #459, #455)
  • Implement BIP0111 which provides a new bloom filter service flag and hence provides support for protocol version 70011 (#499)
  • Add a new parameter --nopeerbloomfilters to allow disabling bloom filter support (#499)
  • Reject non-canonically encoded variable length integers (#507)
  • Add mainnet peer discovery DNS seed ( (#496)
  • Correct reconnect handling for persistent peers (#463, #464)
  • Ignore requests for block headers if not fully synced (#444)
  • Add CLI support for specifying the zone id on IPv6 addresses (#538)
  • Fix a couple of issue where the initial block sync could stall (#518, #229, #486)
  • Fix an issue which prevented the --onion option from working as intended (#446)

Transaction relay (memory pool) changes:

  • Require transactions to only include signatures encoded with the canonical 'low-s' encoding (#512)
  • Add a new parameter --minrelaytxfee to allow the minimum transaction fee in BTC/kB to be overridden (#520)
  • Retain memory pool transactions when they redeem another one that is removed when a block is accepted (#539)
  • Do not send reject messages for a transaction if it is valid but causes an orphan transaction which depends on it to be determined as invalid (#546)
  • Refrain from attempting to add orphans to the memory pool multiple times when the transaction they redeem is added (#551)
  • Modify minimum transaction fee calculations to scale based on bytes instead of full kilobyte boundaries (#521, #537)

Implement signature cache:

  • Provides a limited memory cache of validated signatures which is a huge optimization when verifying blocks for transactions that are already in the memory pool (#506)
  • Add a new parameter --sigcachemaxsize which allows the size of the new cache to be manually changed if desired (#506)

Mining support changes:

  • Notify getblocktemplate long polling clients when a block is pushed via submitblock (#488)
  • Speed up getblocktemplate by making use of the new signature cache (#506)

RPC changes:

  • Implement getmempoolinfo command (#453)
  • Implement getblockheader command (#461)
  • Modify createrawtransaction command to accept a new optional parameter locktime (#529)
  • Modify listunspent result to include the spendable field (#440)
  • Modify getinfo command to include errors field (#511)
  • Add timestamps to blockconnected and blockdisconnected notifications (#450)
  • Several modifications to searchrawtranscations:
    • Accept a new optional parameter vinextra which causes the results to include information about the outputs referenced by a transaction inputs (#485, #487)
    • Skip entries in the mempool too (#495)
    • Accept a new optional parameter reverse to return the results in reverse order (most recent to oldest) (#497)
    • Accept a new optional parameter filteraddrs which causes the results to only include inputs and outputs which involve the provided addresses (#516)
  • Change the notification order to notify clients about mined transactions (recvtx, redeemingtx) before the blockconnected notification (#449)
  • Update verifymessage RPC to use the standard algorithm so it is compatible with other implementations (#515)
  • Improve ping statistics by pinging on an interval (#517)

Websocket changes:

  • Implement session command which returns a per-session unique id (#500, #503)

btcctl utility changes:

  • Add getmempoolinfo command (#453)
  • Add getblockheader command (#461)
  • Add getwalletinfo command (#471)

Notable developer-related package changes:

  • Introduce a new peer package which acts a common base for creating and concurrently managing bitcoin network peers (#445)
  • Blocks heights now consistently use int32 everywhere (#481)
  • The BlockHeader type in the wire package now provides the BtcDecode and BtcEncode methods (#467)
  • Update wire package to recognize BIP0064 (getutxo) service bit (#489)
  • Export LockTimeThreshold constant from txscript package (#454)
  • Export MaxDataCarrierSize constant from txscript package (#466)
  • Provide new IsUnspendable function from the txscript package (#478)
  • Export variable length string functions from the wire package (#514)
  • Export DNS Seeds for each network from the chaincfg package (#544)
  • Preliminary work towards separating the memory pool into a separate package (#525, #548)

Misc changes:

Contributors (alphabetical order):

  • Ben Echols
  • Bruno Clermont
  • danda
  • Daniel Krawisz
  • Dario Nieuwenhuis
  • Dave Collins
  • David Hill
  • Javed Khan
  • Jonathan Gillham
  • Joseph Becher
  • Josh Rickmar
  • Justus Ranvier
  • Mawuli Adzoe
  • Olaoluwa Osuntokun
  • Rune T. Aune

MSI Checksums:

SHA256(btcd_standalone_0.12.0-beta_x64.msi)= 024274804600e0a37ba5e7ac5abc9fdfe91b071e92c9251f38f01bec6785fb77
SHA256(btcd_standalone_0.12.0-beta_x86.msi)= b122bb7cd29e0e5e32ada279a12eeef3d44d58f3bb377ea7ce8b1f42ca0bdba3
SHA512(btcd_standalone_0.12.0-beta_x64.msi)= 725266286cb5ba62d435b992353b83aef4a3586e5ee9aeecfcc90b8026225f12c081471d56fb0f02d92ca5d92965eb99429209125b108c47599c8b1b619fb852
SHA512(btcd_standalone_0.12.0-beta_x86.msi)= d2849eef7cce9ec88a9538940c3ebfb08c2ecbf4be88f4029552bac5db2cdc203e31e8a401cf54dab694d4f49dd640bc8bb962cb5d70227bde91d785364823cb