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btcd v0.4.0-alpha

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@davecgh davecgh released this 12 Dec 19:45
· 3403 commits to master since this release
  • Allow listen interfaces to be specified via --listen instead of only the
    port (#33)
  • Allow listen interfaces for the RPC server to be specified via
    --rpclisten instead of only the port
  • Only disable listening when --connect or --proxy are used when no
    --listen interface are specified
  • Add several new standard transaction checks to transaction memory pool:
    • Support nulldata scripts as standard
    • Only allow a max of one nulldata output per transaction
    • Enforce a maximum of 3 public keys in multi-signature transactions
    • The number of signatures in multi-signature transactions must not
      exceed the number of public keys
    • The number of inputs to a signature script must match the expected
      number of inputs for the script type
    • The number of inputs pushed onto the stack by a redeeming signature
      script must match the number of inputs consumed by the referenced
      public key script
  • When a block is connected, remove any transactions from the memory pool
    which are now double spends as a result of the newly connected
  • Don't relay transactions resurrected during a chain switch since
    other peers will also be switching chains and therefore already know
    about them
  • Cleanup a few cases where rejected transactions showed as an error
    rather than as a rejected transaction
  • Ignore the default configuration file when --regtest (regression test
    mode) is specified
  • Implement TLS support for RPC including automatic certificate generation
  • Support HTTP authentication headers for web sockets
  • Update address manager to recognize and properly work with Tor
    addresses (#36) and
  • Improve btcctl utility in the following ways:
    • Add the ability to specify a configuration file
    • Add a default entry for the RPC cert to point to the location
      it will likely be in the btcd home directory
    • Implement --version flag
    • Provide a --notls option to support non-TLS configurations
  • Fix a couple of minor races found by the Go race detector
  • Improve logging
    • Allow logging level to be specified on a per subsystem basis
    • Allow logging levels to be dynamically changed via RPC
    • Implement a rolling log file with a max of 10MB per file and a
      rotation size of 3 which results in a max logging size of 30 MB
  • Correct a minor issue with the rescanning websocket call
  • Fix a race with pushing address messages that could lead to a panic
  • Improve which external IP address is reported to peers based on which
    interface they are connected through
  • Add --externalip option to allow an external IP address to be specified
    for cases such as tor hidden services or advanced network configurations
  • Add --upnp option to support automatic port mapping via UPnP
  • Update Ctrl+C interrupt handler to properly sync address manager and
    remove the UPnP port mapping (if needed)
  • Continue cleanup and work on implementing RPC API calls
    • Add importprivkey (import private key) command to btcctl
    • Update getrawtransaction to provide addresses properly, support
      new verbose param, and match the reference implementation with the
      exception of MULTISIG (thanks @flammit)
    • Update getblock with new verbose flag (thanks @flammit)
    • Add listtransactions command to btcctl
    • Add getbalance command to btcctl
  • Add basic support for btcd to run as a native Windows service
  • Package addblock utility with Windows MSIs
  • Add support for TravisCI (continuous build integration)
  • Cleanup some documentation and usage
  • Several other minor bug fixes and general code cleanup