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btcd v0.7.0-alpha

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@davecgh davecgh released this 20 Feb 22:01
· 3431 commits to master since this release
  • Fix an issue when parsing scripts which contain a multi-signature script
    which require zero signatures such as testnet block
  • Add check to ensure all transactions accepted to mempool only contain
    canonical data pushes (btcsuite/btcscript#6)
  • Fix an issue causing excessive memory consumption
  • Significantly rework and improve the websocket notification system:
    • Each client is now independent so slow clients no longer limit the
      speed of other connected clients
    • Potentially long-running operations such as rescans are now run in
      their own handler and rate-limited to one operation at a time without
      preventing simultaneous requests from the same client for the faster
      requests or notifications
    • A couple of scenarios which could cause shutdown to hang have been
    • Update notifynewtx notifications to support all address types instead
      of only pay-to-pubkey-hash
    • Provide a --rpcmaxwebsockets option to allow limiting the number of
      concurrent websocket clients
    • Add a new websocket command notifyallnewtxs to request notifications
      (#86) (thanks @flammit)
  • Improve btcctl utility in the following ways:
    • Add getnetworkhashps command
    • Add gettransaction command (wallet-specific)
    • Add signmessage command (wallet-specific)
    • Update getwork command to accept the correct arguments
  • Continue cleanup and work on implementing the RPC API:
    • Implement getnettotals command
    • Implement networkhashps command
    • Update getpeerinfo to always include syncnode field even when false
    • Remove help addenda for getpeerinfo now that it supports all fields
  • Close standard RPC connections on auth failure
  • Provide a --rpcmaxclients option to allow limiting the number of
    concurrent RPC clients (#68)
  • Include IP address in RPC auth failure log messages
  • Resolve a rather harmless data race found by the race detector
  • Increase block priority size and max standard transaction size to 50k
    and 100k, respectively (#71)
  • Add rate limiting of free transactions to the memory pool to prevent
    penny flooding (#40)
  • Provide a --logdir option (#95)
  • Change the default log file path to include the network
  • Add a new ScriptBuilder interface to btcscript to support creation of
    custom scripts (btcsuite/btcscript#5)
  • General code cleanup