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@davecgh davecgh released this Sep 20, 2014 · 2529 commits to master since this release

Protocol and network related changes:

  • Add a new checkpoint at block height 319400
  • Add support for BIP0037 bloom filters (#132)
  • Implement BIP0061 reject handling and hence support for protocol version 70002 (#133)
  • Add testnet DNS seeds for peer discovery ( and
  • Add mainnet DNS seed for peer discovery (
  • Make multisig transactions with non-null dummy data nonstandard (#131)
  • Make transactions with an excessive number of signature operations nonstandard
  • Perform initial DNS lookups concurrently which allows connections more quickly
  • Improve the address manager to significantly reduce memory usage and add tests
  • Remove orphan transactions when they appear in a mined block (#166)
  • Apply incremental back off on connection retries for persistent peers that give invalid replies to mirror the logic used for failed connections (#103)
  • Correct rate-limiting of free and low-fee transactions

Mining support changes:

  • Implement getblocktemplate RPC with the following support: (#124)
    • BIP0022 Non-Optional Sections
    • BIP0022 Long Polling
    • BIP0023 Basic Pool Extensions
    • BIP0023 Mutation coinbase/append
    • BIP0023 Mutations time, time/increment, and time/decrement
    • BIP0023 Mutation transactions/add
    • BIP0023 Mutations prevblock, coinbase, and generation
    • BIP0023 Block Proposals
  • Implement built-in concurrent CPU miner (#137)
    • NOTE: CPU mining on mainnet is pointless as the difficulty is far too high. This has been provided for testing purposes such as for the new simulation test network
    • Add --generate flag to enable CPU mining
    • Deprecate the --getworkkey flag in favor of --miningaddr which specifies which addresses generated blocks will choose from to pay the subsidy to

RPC changes:

  • Implement gettxout command (#141)
  • Implement validateaddress command
  • Implement verifymessage command
  • Mark getunconfirmedbalance RPC as wallet-only
  • Mark getwalletinfo RPC as wallet-only
  • Update getgenerate, setgenerate, gethashespersec, and getmininginfo to return the appropriate information about new CPU mining status
  • Modify getpeerinfo pingtime and pingwait field types to float64 so they are compatible
  • Improve disconnect handling for normal HTTP clients
  • Make error code returns for invalid hex more consistent

Websocket changes:

  • Switch to a new more efficient websocket package (#134)
  • Add rescanfinished notification
  • Modify the rescanprogress notification to include block hash as well as height (#151)

btcctl utility changes:

  • Accept --simnet flag which automatically selects the appropriate port and TLS certificates needed to communicate with btcd and btcwallet on the simulation test network
  • Fix createrawtransaction command to send amounts denominated in BTC
  • Add estimatefee command
  • Add estimatepriority command
  • Add getmininginfo command
  • Add getnetworkinfo command
  • Add gettxout command
  • Add lockunspent command
  • Add signrawtransaction command

addblock utility changes:

  • Accept --simnet flag which automatically selects the appropriate port and TLS certificates needed to communicate with btcd and btcwallet on the simulation test network

Notable developer-related package changes:

  • Provide a new bloom package in btcutil which allows creating and working with BIP0037 bloom filters
  • Provide a new hdkeychain package in btcutil which allows working with BIP0032 hierarchical deterministic key chains
  • Introduce a new btcnet package which houses network parameters
  • Provide new simnet network (--simnet) which is useful for private simulation testing
  • Enforce low S values in serialized signatures as detailed in BIP0062
  • Return errors from all methods on the btcdb.Db interface (btcsuite/btcdb#5)
  • Allow behavior flags to alter btcchain.ProcessBlock (btcsuite/btcchain#5)
  • Provide a new SerializeSize API for blocks (btcsuite/btcwire#19)
  • Several of the core packages now work with Google App Engine

Misc changes:

  • Correct an issue where the database could corrupt under certain circumstances which would require a new chain download
  • Slightly optimize deserialization
  • Use the correct IP block for
  • Fix an issue where it was possible the block manager could hang on shutdown
  • Update sample config file so the comments are on a separate line rather than the end of a line so they are not interpreted as settings (#135)
  • Correct an issue where getdata requests were not being properly throttled which could lead to larger than necessary memory usage
  • Always show help when given the help flag even when the config file contains invalid entries
  • General code cleanup and minor optimizations

Code Contributors (alphabetical order):

Dale Rahn
Dave Collins
David Hill
Geert Johan
Glenn Lewis
Guilherme Salgado
Javed Khan
John C. Vernaleo
Jonathan Gillham
Josh Rickmar
Marcell Ortutay
Marco Peereboom
Michalis Kargakis
Nicola Larosa
Olaoluwa Osuntokun
Owain G. Ainsworth
Tomás Senart
Yurii Rashkovskii

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