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Elastic Terrain Map provides terrain animations and other features. It is based on OpenLayers 3 .
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##Elastic Terrain Map

Elastic Terrain Map implements a new method for terrain visualization that uses animation. The application renders digital elevation models with WebGL and offers many configurable parameters.


Check out the live demo at

Watch demo movie.

The live demo performs best with an up-to-date version of Google Chrome.

Getting Started

Clone the repository and browse to the ol3 folder. Run:

make install
make serve

Browse to example (sample data with global coverage up to zoomlevel 4):


A solution for potential node errors of the watch process can be found here.


The application uses precomputed tiles with encoded terrain data that can be produced from publicly available digital elevation models. For this purpose, we used a collection of python scripts.

License & Credits

This project is based on a fork of OpenLayers 3.1.1. OpenLayers 3 is licensed under the 2-Clause BSD. For comments or contribution please contact Cartography and Geovisualization Group, Oregon State University.



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