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OpenLayers 3
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bin Fix typos found by codespell
changelog Changelog for v3.2.1
config Generate source map of minified ol.js
css Merge pull request #3135 from tsauerwein/control-label
doc Using the domain
examples Replace mouseMove event condition by pointerMove
externs Add missing opacity option for
licenses move the licenses dir to the root of the repo
resources Allow other params than 'mode' in example query string.
src Make ol.source.Source inherit from ol.Object
tasks Fix typo in documentation of function getInfo
test Merge pull request #3278 from elemoine/draweventtype
.gitignore Add task for publishing to npm
.jshintrc Allow bracket notation
.npmignore Add task for publishing to npm
.travis.yml Add a task to run the tests once with PhantomJS Update CONTRIBUTING style guide with recent guidelines Removing Update README.MD with stackoverflow
build.cmd Add build.cmd for Windows developers Fix typos found by codespell
closure-util.json Update closure-library version
package.json Update package version to 3.2.1 Update to the latest version of pake
requirements.txt Don't use the regex module

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