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OpenLayers 3
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Merge pull request #3580 from marcjansen/one-sentence-source

Add a one sentence summary for ol.source.* exportable symbols
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@marcjansen marcjansen authored
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bin Make call tasks/build-examples.js
changelog Add KML options related note the upgrade notes
config Automatically add links to API-docs in examples
css Simplify .ol-zoomslider and .ol-overviewmap CSS
doc Add a Create Custom Builds tutorial
examples Check if API-docs point to existing resources
externs Keep the examples simple
licenses move the licenses dir to the root of the repo
src Merge pull request #3580 from marcjansen/one-sentence-source
tasks Automatically add links to API-docs in examples
test Merge pull request #3575 from nd0ut/master
test_rendering Merge pull request #3550 from tschaub/fewer-differences
.editorconfig Add .editorconfig and instructions on its use
.gitignore Untangle resources and put built examples in the build dir
.jshintrc Allow bracket notation
.npmignore Make call tasks/build-examples.js
.travis.yml Add test-suite using SlimerJS Add .editorconfig and instructions on its use Bump copyright year to 2015 Update README
build.cmd Add build.cmd for Windows developers Refactor common example script and run the linter on it
closure-util.json Update closure-library version
package.json Upgrade Metalsmith to get new concurrency option Update to the latest version of pake
requirements.txt Don't use the regex module

OpenLayers 3

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OpenLayers 3 is a high-performance, feature-packed library for creating interactive maps on the web.

Getting Started

  • Download the latest release
  • Install with npm: npm install openlayers
  • Clone the repo: git clone


Check out the hosted examples, the workshop or API docs.


Please use the GitHub issue tracker for all bugs and feature requests. Before creating a new issue, do a quick search to see if the problem has been reported already.


Please see our guide on contributing if you're interested in getting involved.


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