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OpenLayers 3
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Latest commit 5a123d0 @fredj fredj Merge pull request #4484 from fredj/rm_goog.dom.createDom
Remove use of goog.dom.createDom
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bin Remove pystache dependency
changelog Changelog for v3.11.2
config Rename strapless template
css Align logos nicely with attribution text
doc Language fixes for raster reprojection tutorial
examples Upgrade to JSTS 0.17.0 in example
externs Fix olx.control.FullScreenOptions#label apidoc
licenses move the licenses dir to the root of the repo
src Remove use of goog.dom.createDom
tasks Remove "// NOCOMPILE" lines from examples
test Remove use of goog.dom.createDom
test_rendering Make test pass on Firefox on OSX as well
.editorconfig Simplify .editorconfig file
.gitignore All build artifacts should be generated in the build directory
.jshintrc Allow bracket notation
.npmignore Make call tasks/build-examples.js
.travis.yml Run tests with Node 4 on Trusty Refine the pull request process Refine the pull request process Bump copyright year to 2015
Makefile Add a color manipulation example Update link to workshop
closure-util.json Use version 20150920 of Closure Compiler
package.json chore(package): update handlebars to version 4.0.5
requirements.txt Remove pystache dependency

OpenLayers 3

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OpenLayers 3 is a high-performance, feature-packed library for creating interactive maps on the web.

Getting Started

  • Download the latest release
  • Install with npm: npm install openlayers
  • Clone the repo: git clone


Check out the hosted examples, the workshop or API docs.


Please use the GitHub issue tracker for all bugs and feature requests. Before creating a new issue, do a quick search to see if the problem has been reported already.


Please see our guide on contributing if you're interested in getting involved.


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